Morning Musume, Berryz, C-ute, Mano & Buono sales comparisons

For some time now I’ve wanted to compare the overall sales of singles and the chart positions between the three current H!P non-anime related groups. So I went to the wiki jpop stop and went through to compile this list. I then added in Mano and Buono too. Well who needs sleep? Now there’s no sales info for the C-ute indies singles and there’s a couple of blanks with the Berryz too but otherwise this list seems to be up to date. So first of all I’ll list the songs for each of the three groups seperately in release order then I’ll list them all in order of sales. How many Berryz and C-ute songs have sold more than MM’s?

MM sales

C-ute chart salesBerryz sales

Okay now for the interesting bit. When all mixed together and put in sales order what happens?

Overall 1Overall 2Overall 3Overall 4

Excuse the wanky pictures. Here is a pdf if you so prefer…

Morning Musume Cute Berryz MIXED

Alternatively you can download a spreadsheet version (Open Office) here.

So on reviewing the data we can see that so far Morning Musume have had 40 singles and all of them have sold better than anything Berryz or C-ute have come up with. Yes even Mikan. Very much the flagship group of H!P forever then. Tokaikko Junjou is the biggest selling of the other groups singles. So I think it’s safe to say C-ute are second best with Berryz lagging behind. 😀 Yes I am biased. But it is interesting to note that the lowest selling C-ute major label single, Sakura Chirari, sold 26,595 copies and only five Berryz songs have sold more than it. Presuming the two songs I don’t have data for didn’t sell more that is. Even so it pretty much shows C-ute are the bigger hitters. All their major label singles have made the top 6 too. A bit like Morning Musume. Interesting stuff. Berryz may have been going for longer but they haven’t really started really doing well until roughly the same time that C-ute started their major label careers. Perhaps because they really were just too young when they started?

Oh and if you include Mano’s major singles then Otome no Inori (25228, chart 5) and Hajimete no Keken (24721, chart 6) would be between Madayade and Kokuhaku while the excellent Sekai wa Summer Party sold a disappointing 18647 copies, charted at number ten and would be inbetween Jiriri Kiteru and Gag 100. I’ve only found the first week figures for Mano’s latest single so the figures aren’t really worth including yet.

Okay so there’s nothing too groundbreaking in this post but as a fan of Morning Musume and then of C-ute I’m quite happy with this. I would like to see Mano’s figures improving though. But wait. What about Buono?

Buono sales

And here is a pdf of the sales chart when Buono are added in…

Morning Musume Cute Berryz Buono Mano MIXED

Basically what we then see is…

Everyone 1Everyone 2Everyone 3Everyone 4Everyone 5Everyone 6

So Buono have managed something neither C-ute or Berryz have. They managed to outsell a Morning Musume single. Okay it was only Mikan but even so Honto no Jibun outsold it. Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! and Renai Rider also sold well compared to the non MM singles as they outsold every Berryz single except the one about that Khan bloke.

Although I like Momoko’s madness and I think Captain is quite unique I’ve never really taken to the Berryz as a group. I like Piriri to Yukou, Dschinghis Khan, Dakishimete Dakishimete and to a degree Madayade and Seishun Bus Guide too. Other than that I’m still really nonplussed by their popularity. So I would like to cheekily copy this famous bit of football commentary by Bjørge Lillelien (which is really funny) by saying Saki Shimizu, Chinami Tokunaga, Maasa Sudou, Yurina Kumai, Risako Sugaya, Ishimura Maiha your group took a hell of a beating. 😀

Edit: I found the sales figures for the missing two Berryz singles.

Fighting Pose wa Date ja nai! overall sales 9,634 highest chart position 25.

Piriri to Yukou overall sales 10476 chart position 37 (wtf? I’ve only found these figures on one site but all their other figures match the ones up above so why would these be wrong? This was their only good single until ol’ Genghis reared his head so those figures are disappointing).


7 responses to “Morning Musume, Berryz, C-ute, Mano & Buono sales comparisons

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  3. Is it bad that I knew what the exact sales numbers were for the two BK singles that you didn’t have data on? ^^;

    PS, You forgot to put Tsugunaga Momoko and Natsuyaki Miyabi into your list of Berryz members at the end there. Just thought I’d say.

  4. If you knew the exact sales numbers I’d say that’s quite an impressive feat. I wouldn’t say it’s bad. Just…impressive.

    I know I missed two out but they are in Buono and so they can beat everyone. Even Morning Musume when it comes down to their recent album sales.

    • Thanks. I’m glad I could impress somebody with my wota-dom. XD

      So being in Buono! makes them like… SuperBerryz?

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