A change of pace – Satoda Mai Oyaji subbed

So here is the subbed pv for Oyaji no Kokoro ni Tomotta Chīsana Hi. I’ve always really liked this song but only recently discovered that it had been subbed. It’s an amusing song sung as a duet with Fujioka Fujimaki and was made in 2007. Although musically it’s a departure from the usual H!P stuff it’s still good in an easy listening kind of way. Plus the lyrics and pv give some wry smiles. I find it all oddly catchy.


Although not a Country Musume song this pv was included on the Country Musume Mega Best album. Along with Iroppoi Onna Sexy Baby and Shining Itoshiki Anata I thought it was one of the best songs on there.


2 responses to “A change of pace – Satoda Mai Oyaji subbed

  1. It’s a funny song, Anyone who has ever worked in an office (or any environment with a mix between men and women) can probably spot things in the pv that they’ve seen themselves.

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