C-ute Pillow Fight!

Dvd magazines. They are strange things. Sometimes they are incredibly boring but then every once in a while a good one turns up. This was the case when C-ute’s dvd magazine volume 6 came out. Firstly we are treated to a tennis doubles tournament (with Miki Korenaga helping make up the numbers).


It’s entertaining enough in a ‘have these idols actually ever seen tennis before?’ kind of way. Plus as it’s a contest you can root for your favourite members. Which is why contests are always good for idol dvd’s or tv shows. They heighten the viewers sense of involvement. Anyway I won’t say who won in case you want to watch. I was going to be happy whoever won as Nakki-chan was acting as presenter for this dvd. Kawaii!


Then there’s some cooking (well setting fire to food. What the Australians call “barbecuing” and the rest of the world calls “burning food”) and eating followed by sparklers…


But it’s the last ten minutes which is quite simply the best ten minutes of C-ute action ever. Yes the members are staying in a little shack…


So why not film them all wearing their pj’s while having a pillow fight? Yes why not? There is absolutely no reason whatsoever not to. So I present to you some highlights of the C-ute pillow fight in pj’s from a remote cabin tournament. Is there anything about that sentence that doesn’t shout WIN?


This is something we need more of in dvd magazines. Pillow fights, water fights, food fights. The list is almost endless. I mean think of the possibilities. C-ute covered in cream. C-ute in wet t-shirts. C-ute all diving onto each other. Put your hands up if you’re with me.


That’s unanimous then. Dvd magazines can always benefit from a bit more energy. This dvd is so good that for one of the few times in my life I’ve become jealous of a pillow. Ah to be a pillow. Bouncing off of Maimi and onto Nakki-chan. What a life that would be.


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