Happy Birthday Gaki-san

Niigaki Risa is 21 on 20th October. Happy birthday to the genki one. I tend to think that Niigaki isn’t made enough of in Morning Musume. I mean she’s got a good voice and a really likeable personality. She’s so solid and dependable. A bit like the backbone of the group. She’s a great sub-leader to have behind Ai-chan and when she’s given the chance she can really shine. This is shown during the Morning Musume 2008 Spring ~Single Daizenshuu~ Concert Tour when Niigaki sings a solo version of Manatsu no Kousen.

This was a single I’d overlooked. I always tended to skip it when listening to the MM 10th anniversary best of or while watching the 10th anniversary pv’s collection. Yet as soon as I saw Niigaki’s version I realised what a good song it is. Now the original single version is one of my favourite MM songs. That a member who wasn’t even in the group at the time can do a great performance of a song solo and make you realise how good the original song was shows just how good a performer Niigaki is.

I also really enjoyed her with Ai and Reina performing Take Off is Now! (a great song) during the Platinum 9 Disco tour.

A great performance there of one of Morning Musume’s best album tracks. Anyway I hope she’s having a great day (and keeping clear of the H!P flu).

Gaki balloonsNiigaki balloons twoNiigaki poseNiigaki smileNiigaki sparklingNiigaki hatNiigaki face tNiigaki face t 1Niigaki flowerNiigaki flower 1Niigaki 9 smileNiigaki pretty smile


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