C-ute Bye Bye Bye! Subbed!

Oh happy happy joy joy. C-ute’s second best single (in my opinion) has now been subbed thanks to ggliff over at Musume-Central.com. Finally we can enjoy C-ute in cute and sexy silver spangly outfits while understanding the lyrics. Anyway you can direct download here.


Hi hi hi!


Bye bye bye! Enjoy your graduation on October 25th.


Cute cute cute!


At first I wondered why Nakki-chan was the only one in trousers. Now I quite like it. It gives her an almost catsuited appearance. 😀 Like some kind of Japanese cute version of Emma Peel. I’m sure you can see the attraction of such a thing.


As a good boy I always do as instructed. 😀


Cluck cluck cluck! I’ve never understood how the dance suddenly becomes a chicken impression.


Sure for Women. Say bye bye bye! to unwanted body odours with the new Sure C-ute pink stripe anti-perspirant. Use Sure and you will be forever loved. And don’t forget the mens range. Airi Suzuki says “yes all my family can use Sure”. Use Sure everyday in one’s life and you can achieve all your big dreams. That’s the power of Sure. If you are a disco Queen then Sure will keep you feeling fresh all through the night. Sure’s unique time capsule technology ensures that you always keep smelling fragrant and it can also be used on silver boots as it shines them…(can I stop now?)

On a hardly related note I love how the advertising slogan for Sure’s schoolgirls range of anti-perspirants is “we know what makes you sweat”. That sounds both very creepy and like a blackmail threat.


2 responses to “C-ute Bye Bye Bye! Subbed!

  1. BWHAHAHAHAH Anti-perspirant? kaahahahaha …
    besides.. their perspiration will smell like spring flowers anyway.. :S

    hehe .. Airi and Maimi knows what makes me sweat 😀

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