Cute Best Of covers, Mano’s 1st album and Hangry & Angry pv preview

A small preview of the covers to C-ute’s Nan desu! Zen Single Shuu Mechaimashita! 1 (which is released on 18th November) is now available.

BestBest of

The second picture is for the limited edition version which I’m very happy with. Mainly because of the hat and scarf. I love wintery clothes on women! But check out how different Nakki looks in the first pic. She’s really growing up.

Meanwhile it’s been announced that Mano Erina is to release her first album on 16th December. There’s not much info available yet as to what singles will be included (we don’t even have a title yet) but hopefully all her singles will be on. I’m looking forward to hearing it. I really think she’s had some great singles so far. They may not be the typical type of H!P music but there’s no reason they should be.

Finally Hangry & Angry’s first full length album Sadistic Dance (released 11th November) seems to be getting a British release. Paul Thomas of Hello! Blog has pointed out this link. It’s only the standard version but it’s still great to see. Not only that but I noticed on the Japan Amazon site that they can actually buy the version imported from Britain! That’s a turn around for sure. 😀

Sadistic Dance

As a teaser to the album being released a preview clip of the pv for the song Top Secret has been made available.

I have to say the song sounds as good as their previous work and Rika looks absolutely gorgeous. The limited edition release comes with a dvd that features both the pv to Top Secret and the pv to Kill Me Kiss Me. I’ll be sure to get my hands on the limited edition version!

What a good couple of months are coming. 😀


7 responses to “Cute Best Of covers, Mano’s 1st album and Hangry & Angry pv preview

  1. You Sir are a God. A God I tell you. Well having looked at that pic there must be a God so I’ll presume you’re it. Any chance you could send me Nakki and Maimi for Christmas or is that not your area? If it’s more a Santa thing could you let him know? Thanks. I’ve been a good boy honest. Well a bit. Okay not at all but I’d be a good boy if you’d send them to me. Oh who am I kidding. Basically I’m a lost cause but you know…forgiveness and all that.

  2. Yes, I am a God, but so are you! 😀 … If you truly believe it, They will come to you 😆 So you gotta forgive yourself first 😀
    ( I expect a laver filled review of it once it comes out 😀 )

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