C-ute are growing even as they get smaller

So it’s goodbye bye bye to Umeda Erika as she embarks on a new life post C-ute. But even going down to five won’t slow C-ute down. I mean we’ve probably all seen this Alo-Hello preview pic now haven’t we?


Well we have now. 😀 Nakki is my favourite member but even so I’ve got to say woah to Maimi. So yes C-ute are definitely growing. Mai still looks like a little girl to me but Chisato is coming on well. Airi is as Airi always is and Nakki…well I’m looking forward to seeing the dvd and the pb that’s for sure. I did find some more pics here. So I’ll repost them…


Well consider my appetite whetted.

So Erika embarks on her new journey but there’s plenty to look forward to from the rest. And even as she left, Erika helped create some nice new memories through being part of what I like to think of as the Morningtime service set. It’s a bit like fan service but it’s especially good as it involves maid uniforms. Something I have a particular thing for. So enjoy…

UmaidaUmeda MaidUmaida 2Umaida 3Umaida 1Maimi MaidYajima MaidMaimi Maid 2Maimi liveMaimi Maid 1Nakki maidNakki maid oneNakki Maid twoNakki Maid 3Nakki liveChisato MaidChisato Maid 1Chis liveChis live 1Chis live 2Chis live 3Hagi MaidHagi Maid 1Hagi Maid 2Hagi Maid 3Hagi liveAiri Maid 1Airi Maid 2Airi Maid 3Airi Maid 4Airi Maid

Very cute. Also cute are what I presume are the goodbye pics for Erika. There’s pics of her with each member…

Bye 1Bye 2Bye 4Bye 3Bye 5Bye 6Bye 7Bye 8Nakki ErikaNakki Erika 1

I’m just loving Nakki in those last two pics. I’ve always loved her huge smile but that last pic is the prettiest smile I’ve ever seen her give.

Oh and there’s also these group shot pics where everyone is looking good. The first one was for their last single. I thought it was a really good look. But even in more casual clothes they are really easy on the eye…

Cute 6nin6nin C-ute 16nin C-ute 26nin C-ute 46nin C-ute 5

But you know even if C-ute went down to three they’d still be great…

3-nin C-ute3-nin C-ute 1

Come to think of it even as a duo they’d be great…

winWin Win

C-ute just are great.

On a final note unconfirmed rumours say that there was no graduation ceremony as such at Erika’s final concert. Whether that’s the way Erika wanted it I don’t know but I think it’s a shame. A graduation ceremony is a chance for the fans to show some appreciation and for the members to let public their love. All those MM graduations over the years with people crying and collapsing have really helped cement that groups strong family image. It’s a pity the fans didn’t get the chance to see something similar with Erika. If you’d bought a ticket I think you’d have expected something to happen. Well anyway good luck to Erika. I hope she finds success in her hoped-for new career as a model.


7 responses to “C-ute are growing even as they get smaller

  1. Nakki and Chisato in bikinis! Well that’s lifted me out of this depressive mood I’ve been in 😀
    Such a pain tracking the PB and DVD down to order, so far I’ve only seen a copy of the PB up on CDJapan and that’s out of stock and i found a copy of the DVD on YesAsia after much hunting around because of how wonderfully they named it; kyu toaroharokyu to :S

    It’s a shame if they didn’t do anything for Erika at her graduation concert, certainly if I was going I’d expect something how else are you supposed to show your support? I’m going to miss her tons, but as you say C-ute a re great and I get a feeling that my love for the group is only going to get stronger over time 🙂

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