C-ute in Bikinis

Are we all ready for the release of the year yet? Tomorrow is the day. Well my anticipation is now truly heightened by these latest pics to surface…

Nakki bikNakki bik 1Airi Nakki bikAiri Maimi bikAiri Nakki Maimi bikAiri bikmaimi bikMaimi bik 1

It’s heading towards winter here in the UK. A fact I like for I love the dark nights coming in. I love that whole thing of getting wrapped up warm to go out and then coming in for a cuppa and getting all warm and snug. In fact this country pisses me off for the amount of people who complain about the weather at this time of the year. “Oh it’s drizzly and dull”. “Oh it’s cold and horrible”. Nope. You are drizzly and dull. You are cold and horrible. I mean fancy the weather being like that. In winter. It’s not as if being British you haven’t had decades to get used to it. Go jump off a cliff. Ahem. Rant over. Yet depite my love of the clocks going back and the dark early nights I look at these pics and the only thing that comes to mind is the Muppets in their Christmas Carol movie. You know the bit where Michael Caine threatens his staff of rats with the sack because they want more coal for the fire and they all respond with…

“HEATWAVE. This is my island in the sun.”

Well these pics make me feel suddenly very hot and sunny. Release of the year. Photo book and dvd. It’s gonna be great. I wouldn’t mind seeing some preview pics of Chisato mind. She has a good err…upper body shape. 😀

Edit: More C-ute pics have surfaced. Yay!

Airi bik 1Airi bik 2Airi bik 3Chis Maimai bikChisato BikHag bik

Chisato is really coming on. I love the way she has her hair in that pic with Maimai too.


5 responses to “C-ute in Bikinis

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  2. I find it weird that there are only 2 comments on this. Is it just me? I mean, I love the music and I listen to it everyday but I like to see them in bikinis, too…

    Oh, it seems to be getting hot in here again. My apartment’s thermostat must be from the same manufacturer as MT’s.

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