Inaba is Fugly

The disappointing thing about the net is that no matter how long you know someone you don’t really actually know them at all. So it turned out with the person who got me into H!P. This “person” for want of a better word (although I can think of several better words) I had known for five to six years. Certainly for a long time before either of us got into H!P. I thought I knew her/him pretty well. So at the start of last year when she/he started asking me to get H!P stuff from the net and she/he would pay me later I thought sure why not. I turned down the lovely chance of sending items in advance of payment (thank god) but it’s funny really. Only one payment ever came through and even then I had to pay p+p to the US. Which in effect meant that of the album and single/dvd that got sent I’d paid as much in postage as the single/dvd cost. So promise after promise and excuse after excuse came. Originally everything was to be paid by June or July last year. It became by the end of summer this year and then by the end of September. Then late October because aww she/he had been robbed and didn’t have the money. I don’t know what the next excuse would have been. The dog ate the cash? Robbed again? Couldn’t work the extra hours she/he was supposedly going to work to get the money (although from blog posts and the like it’s clear money doesn’t seem to be a problem when it comes to this person buying other stuff. Even when I was expecting payment there were posts about buying cd’s and dvd’s or iTunes stuff). So now I’ve had enough. She/he (I say she/he because although this person claims to be a woman the only time I ever sent stuff to her it was addressed to a man. Which gives food for thought) is basically an untrustworthy nobody. Somebody who, when a very popular JPH!P member tragically died shortly after the MM LA convention, only had thoughts of herself and how he’d died before she could forgive him for some imagined wrong he’d done to her. Yeah never mind he’s dead and that’s a tragedy but he died before you could forgive him. Poor you. You must be feeling really bad…about yourself. Well she removed that Twitter post really quick when she realised she was giving too much away. A common theme that runs through her net life.

So now the time has come to say goodbye to this person. I know she/he are getting others to buy stuff for her/him due to posts I’ve seen here and there. Well I learned the hard way that you never really know someone on the net. Especially someone whose blog moves often and whose username changes all the time.   Hmm…maybe it’s time I changed my name everywhere. Inaba is fugly has quite a ring to it.

I’ve edited this as within a week I should know if I’ll finally get what’s required. It’s now been promised. If not I’ll reinsert the whole post as why bother with more delays? There’s only so much that’s believeable.


Originally I was supposed to be paid for ALL the items by the end of June…LAST YEAR. Then when no payments had come I refused to get her any more items. I also turned down her kind request for me to lend her $60 towards a new laptop and I turned down her kind request to send her the stuff before she’d paid. Anyway then payment was going to be by July…LAST YEAR. Then of course nothing happened.

Now as well as giving no reason for not paying she also made many posts on her old blog about all the stuff she’d bought from iTunes. Like spending $40 there and listing all that she’d bought. Including digital copies of many things I’d got physical copies of for her at her request. After July no firm dates were ever given for payment. It was always “soon”. No reason for not paying was ever given either. Stupidly come the release of Resonant Blue on the promise of being paid very soon I actually got her two of the releases. Well I was getting myself copies anyway and I was still giving the benefit of ever increasing doubt. Come December I was weighing stuff with a promise of payment in January. Payment never came but I stupidly sent her some Fugly pics as a birthday present. Still giving the benefit of that doubt. Eventually by early summer payment for everything was promised by late summer. Just a year late.

When around late July I queried when exactly the payments would be made (something I’d hardly ever done) she said I should just sell everything as she “doesn’t like being pressured”. You call waiting a year pressure? But again she said she’d like to pay for everything so I gave her to the end of summer. Through this stage contact was non-existant. We’d basically stopped talking to each other. Then at the end of September a message. Oh no she’d been robbed so she couldn’t pay me. She’ll work extra hours and then pay me by the end of October. What I love about all this is that on her new shared blog another blogger had said to her during the summer months “hurry up and pay me for all this Linlin junk”. So it’s not just me then. I’d love to show a link to that message but strangely her blog has been ‘redesigned’ and now only shows two posts. Her old blog with all her mentioning of purchases (both physical and digital) is also gone. Well when someone changes their username all the time and moves around so often where’s the surprise in that? In fact two years ago she got a new MSN address due to people ‘pressurising’ her. Everyone rallied round to tell her to ignore people and it’s not her fault. I even did it myself. Tried to comfort her. Now I wonder. Is this all just some repetitive thing for her? Ducking and diving. New names. New addresses. New people to try and con. There’s a part of me that hopes that’s not the case but the fact she never once apologised for not paying, nor gave any reason for not paying makes me wonder.

Well today a few hours after first posting on this subject she starts making friendly comments for the first time in ages via Facebook. She also pm’s me to promise payment in another week. So early November. Well what’s another week when you’ve waited nearly a year and a half? I have to admit though that I was kind of expecting it to be a trick. I thought wait an hour or so and then she’d pm to say she’d been told about my blog post and now mwaaah waaah. It seems I was wrong though…I had to wait about four hours. So I guess payment won’t be coming. Hmm I can see at least one giveaway coming.

Another edit: Hilariously it’s now all my fault for not being “patient”. Aww I’m treating her like crap apparently. Whatever. Patient? Nearly two years is pretty patient. I love how she now blames me so she can carry on as always without having to face up to herself. Yeah blame the other person.


56 responses to “Inaba is Fugly

  1. Wow, man. Bad times. Good for you cutting it off but I’m still sorry you got burnt like that.

    Btw, I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago but I really dig it.

  2. My recent favorites (recent as in when I acquired them, not when they were released) are C-ute, Berryz Koubou, Buono!, Country Musume, and v-u-den. I just got a bunch of Morning Musume and have been listening to that pretty exclusively for the past two weeks, though.

    I’m also quite a fan of a number of H!P’s solos though – Matsuura Aya, Abe Natsumi, Fujimoto Miki, Goto Maki, Iida Kaori… (yes, the Elder Club Graduation was devestating to me).

  3. The Elder Club graduation wouldn’t have been so bad if the majority of them were still releasing music. I’d love to hear a new Kaori album. Her debut album was excellent and the rest were good too. Nacchi has also been too quiet for too long.

    Can’t argue with the liking of C-ute, Buono or V-u-den. I’ve found the Berryz and Country Musume a bit more hit and miss but both groups have done some good stuff.

  4. Agreed about Berryz and Country Musume but they both have some songs I really love. I can’t understand why v-u-den never did more – they were awesome together (and I was happy to see them perform at the 2009 Winter concert).

  5. V-u-den are one of H!P’s mysteries. I really liked them musically and as individuals. It seems like it was over far too quickly. Especially as if anything they were getting better and better.

  6. Melon Kinenbi have released quite a few singles in the past few months. They’ve all been collaborations with other groups. The groups they’ve worked with so far have been Beat Crusaders (Don’t Say Goodbye), New Rote’ka (Pinch wa Chance, Baka ni Narouze!) and Midori (Sweet Summer Suicide Story). I’m sure there’s another single coming but I’m not sure who with. If you haven’t heard those three singles you can listen to them via the music player at the Hello! Blog.

  7. Ah that’s shitty. Nothing worse than when a friend lets you down.

    I have to say I’ve been very lucky with the H!P friends I’ve made online (and offline), quite a few of them I’ve sent things to for both the promise of payment later and as gifts and I’ve yet to have any problems with anyone, fingers crossed it’ll stay that way.

    I’m still impressed with the wotachat ban, as i said ive always been curious as to what would you get banned from there, it seems a fairly open place. So no I know what gets you banned from WotaChat and H!O, lol, don’t know id you ever saw lampshades posts on H!O after he heard Koha was leaving MM they were classic, they should of def kept them up.

    And as for V-u-den, they should of stuck together, they really were a great unit, good to look at, good to listen to and amusing personalities, they added some great tongue in cheek sex appeal to H!P.

    @clocutron, Melon Kinenbi are still together and I think are doing better than ever, their recent collab singles are some of my most listened to track recently. I think they’ve got announced a new one haven’t they? Hmmm, I’ll have to check, just a shame their all indie releases I’d love to get my hands on them.

  8. Someone got banned from Hello! Online? I missed it. Damn! What was the reason?

    V-u-den really did seem to offer something a bit different for H!P. I could never quite put my finger on why that was exactly but they seemed so fun, so sexy and so catchy. The pv for Ai Suite Room is a fine example (although I’ve no idea what that was released on. All I know is it’s such a fun pv). They seemed strangely better for being a three person group. Like they all got their moment in each song and they were a tighter unit. The fact that all three were beautiful (and still are I should add) only helped things. 😀

    I’m sure Melon Kinenbi have a fourth single out but can’t seem to find anything about that. I definitely haven’t imagined it though as when I’m imagining stuff to do with H!P it’s normally a more personal thing I imagine. Ahem.

  9. Thanks, morningtime. I had just found that site as well (I’ve really been enjoying the translations of Mari’s blog).

    Now all I need is a way to get more money – my j-pop budget is a bit limited. 2nd job? Crime? Prostitu…like anyone would pay me for it. Maybe I should just move to Japan…?

  10. Crime is the way to go. I’m planning a bank heist. There’s too much stuff coming out right now. It’s the only sane solution. I think H!P fans should join together for some kind of gold bullion robbery. The fortune we amass should see us through about a year.

  11. Back to the point of your post… You’re right, you can’t ever fully know the person on the other end of that email, IM, forum post, or whatever.

    I was an avid member of an online community once (a few years ago) until, out of the blue, I was assaulted by two members who decided I was a “pretentious pr*ck” because I cautioned them about their judgments of other members.

    Inaba is one of the false; one of those who won’t show themselves online; one who preys on others. I’m glad you posted about this because it may help others be more wary when someone online asks for a “favor.”

  12. >morningtime: Crime is the way to go.

    HA! Okay, just tell me what to do. I really have to find a way to increase my j-pop budget.

  13. Yeah I had to think whether it was worth posting about or not. Especially as away from H!P we have other shared interests so I’m likely to come across this person again. But, well it’s a cautionary tale I guess.

    At the same time as Paul said there are some nice people online. I once knew an editor who ran his own independent book company who sent me fifteen hardback books free. Some of them limited edition autographed ones. Not just me either. He sent the entire set of fifteen to several people all around the globe. Also I once ended up in a relationship with someone who I met online who it turned out lived five minutes down the road from me. Well the relationship didn’t go anywhere romantically in the end but we stayed friends and she’s still a (mainly online) friend now. But of course the problem with the net is that anonymity. It means you have to take a lot on trust.

    As for crime, we need masks, guns and alibis. 😀

  14. Hmm…. i’ve had something like that….

    i sent my H&A shirt i made out to a friend in the US for her to get signed at SakuraCon thinking it’d have it back in like 2 weeks and i still haven;t got it back. i keep emailing her and sometimes she emails me outta the blue saying why she’s not sent it yet but still nothing. ugh.
    it’s annoying. not that it’s hugely valuable but she DID get it signed so…. i want it back now……
    last thing i heard was she was going to be sending it in september and it should have arrived on the 15th or something.

  15. Clocutron – People don’t have spare change at gas stations these days. Not with the price of petrol.

    Hexi – You never got the shirt back huh? Well I guess you know not to trust that person now. I’d still argue that it was worth the risk though. You could have ended up with a signed H&A shirt and a friend you could trust.

    Are you still going to Paris? H&A on Halloween seems…great.

  16. :S @ hexi, you’ve still not got that bacK!?

    if i remember rightly on hearing the whole reasoning for koha’s graduation i think he posted numerous photoshop’d pics (the same pic a couple of time) of tsunku with a teenie weenie willy and may of called him a couple of names as well XD still for lol value it was classic.

  17. That sounds completely fair when you consider the circumstances. Certainly not a banning offence. A defence of Koha’s graduation should be acceptable in a court of law. For instance “yes your honour I broke the off licence window and stole 4 cases of Stella but…Koha’s graduation”. The only sensible response would be “charges dropped, case dismissed”. The emotional impact should be like a reasonable excuse. It transcends all known laws.

  18. Actually I’m totally using that as an excuse from now on. When I eventually go back to work if there’s ever a dodgy piece of quality it’ll be “Koha’s graduation”. It doesn’t matter that nobody will know what I mean. I’ll know. I’ll know.

    Stopped for speeding. “Koha’s graduation, officer”. Caught with my pants down in church again. “Koha’s graduation, vicar”. The list is endless.

  19. No but i wish i was. just can’t afford it. and got no one to go with now i’ve broekn up with the boyfriend. just don’t have the monies. so i have my fingers crossed for their europe tour!!!!!!

  20. Well it’s not a European tour but the record label that is distributing them looks to be trying to push for a performance in Germany at some point…I guess time to start saving again 😀
    As for a London performance, I still have my doubts as to whether they will or not outside of an Expo/Event and with the quality of guests the London Expo normally gets Star Trek/StarGate/Red Dwarf actors mainly when I’ve been, I’m not holding my breath…perhaps as a warm up act for another more popular JRock group on their tour? Although that would make me cry and I’d spend the rest of the performance when they go off cheering for them to come back on lol.

  21. hahaha. Expo this year was no different my friend, not at all.
    i hope they do get their own tour, in small venues so it’s nice an intimate. like i went to see bowling for soup tonight and the venue was small and really awesome. got well close! ^_^

    in anycase, they’re COMING to london and i’m GOING to see them. come hail or high water. i’ll be in the front row.

  22. i saw electric eel shock last week in a tiny venue, lol even got to say hi when I was grabbing a copy of their album, and as good as it was to be that close there was very few actual fans, if you know what i mean, or at least that’s how it seemed, lots of people curiously looking on drinking with a crowd up front getting into it…but then it did have a free bar so perhaps that affected it?
    i don’t know if i’d want that, there’s intimate but this was a small venue to cater for a small amount of fans and i hate to say it, i felt kinda sorry for them they were giving their all and over half the place was just standing around. *shrugs*
    don’t think i’d like to see a hp act like that, well i guess i’ll see what paris is like over the weekend hopefully lots of people into it.

  23. I think any place a H!P act would play would have hardcore fans. I mean chances of seeing such acts are virtually nil here in the UK so if an act was to perform here people would travel from far and wide. There’d be no problems filling a small venue with fans.

  24. i would have agreed with you if it wasn’t for this whole france thing, America yea it’s a big place lot of people so it’ll attract a lot of americans and people will fly in, but out of it all of us non americans were so few
    but europe? sure i don’t know how many people are going to be there and there could be a huge fan base of non english people and english speaking fans that i’ve no clue who they are, but from people i know and at the cost of going, so far i’ve spent just £70 with probably another £20-£30 on top of that to go, the cost of two saturday nights out…and i know 2 people going out of all the uk hp fans i know…i still feel really sad about that

    a uk performance would get more uk fans obviously but would it get anyone else? and would that even be enough?
    i’m going to see abingdon boys school next month and i’m curious to see what the crowd (and venue) is like for that, especially because they are on the same label as hangry and anrgy over here.

  25. they should come to the o2 academy in bournemouth. easy access for poor students!!! don’t care how unlikely that is! hahaha! and the venue isn’t too small. it held a good couple thousand.
    although wouldn’t it be better to have a small venue filled with fans than the larger venue half filled with fans?

  26. you poor chap .. it is proof you cannot trust anybody on the interwebs… 😆 … always ask for advance payment and receive it … before even ordering….

  27. I love the fairy tale bit, “some time back”. Not the more accurate “nearly two years ago I had someone spend $200 over the course of several months with the promise of paying by June 2008. But then I decided during that period to buy lots of other things instead of paying him. I made lots of blog posts about all the things I was buying and then never even explained why I wasn’t paying him. I’ve since deleted that blog as I have to keep moving. Oh and I spent the rest of that year also buying stuff and talking about it.”

  28. I just read Charmy’s “my side of the story.” It always amazes me when people do crappy things and then try to turn it around and play the victim.

    She’s a victim of nothing more than her own bad judgment and the consequences of treating people poorly. Maybe she’ll learn a lesson from all this about treating people with respect… No, I suppose she’ll just look for someone else to scam.

    However, it sounds like she really believes “her side of the story” is how things actually happened. I guess you can convince yourself of anything when you’re just not right in the head.

    If you never get payment from her, let me know what merch you bought and maybe I can buy some of it to help you recoup some of your loss.

  29. Sadly playing the victim is what she always does. She tries to get sympathy. As for the money, in a way it’s not even about the money so much as it’s about being treated badly. If I don’t get the money I’ll probably keep the few things I’d want to keep and then just give the rest away via a few giveaways.

  30. ..”her side” is utter bullshit..
    Morningtime, simply put… when is your yahoo auction coming up? Not that i will be able to buy anything…. boku binbou desu…

  31. Understood. At any rate, I hope she’s telling the truth about paying you and you’ll be able to resolve the whole saga and put it to rest.

    Being a good person will earn you the respect and comradery of a lot of people but it also opens you up to the exploitative people out there. But for every person who has done wrong to me, there are way more who treat me well. I still try to be a good person even though the times it backfires can hurt pretty bad.

  32. Yeah I still give people the benefit of the doubt unless forced not to. I’ve had plenty of people treat me well over the years and plenty who I’ve treated well.

    As for any auctions well if I’d normally use ebay but I’m planning to just see what happens and then see how I feel. I reckon I’ll give some stuff away. In a funny way it stopped being about the money a long time ago and became about the principle of how friends or supposed friends should treat you.

  33. wow. just wow.
    so I guess she wont be wanting those CD’s she asked me to put on hold for her like 6 months ago 😛
    it must suck… to have had to spend all that money. all I can say is good luck.

  34. not really
    same person
    but I didn’t spend any money for her 😛
    She told me she was collecting MM CDs and asked me to put a few singles I had on hold for her for a couple weeks .
    6 months ago xD

  35. Well she’s promised me payment in about a week and apologised through her blog. So we’ll just have to wait and see.

    Six months huh? It’s not worth holding stuff really. I mean if you don’t hold items then either someone else will come along and buy the stuff or you’ll still have the stuff when the person who asked you to hold it finally has the money to pay. Of course people tend to try and be nice so they do hold things but so many then get messed about.

  36. lol sadly I don’t even have the CD’s anymore anyways

    I moved houses and had a disaster (about 70 CD’s completely ruined. I felt like my life ended at that very moment)
    so yeah
    I guess I didn’t have to contact her to let her know that happened
    since she never contacted me 😛
    except for the few times I saw her in wotachat…
    but again, she never brought it up so I didn’t either.

  37. Ah I don’t think I’ve ever moved without at least losing a couple of cd’s. 70 though? Ouch.

    When I last moved just over a year ago I think my H!P collection was more guarded than any furniture, or electic items I had. The thought of anything happening to my pb’s would fill me with dread.

  38. My worst loss in a move was when I moved into a place where contractors were still working on repairs. I lost about 100 DVDs, 60 CDs, and 50 PS1/PS2 games. Also lost my coin collection (including the 1892 Indian head penny and the 1971 Eisenhower dollar my grandfather gave me when I was a child), some power tools, and some other misc. stuff. Bad times. I know what misa means about feeling like her life ended at that moment.

  39. Yeah, ouch is the word. It was clearly theft and there was an investigation. It never amounted to anything conclusive but luckily we (my wife at the time and I) had renter’s insurance before we even moved in. Some of the stuff got replaced by the insurance company and they cut us a check for the rest. I’ll never get those coins back that my grandfather gave me. And that still hurts.

  40. Congrats. Good to put it to rest. At least she (or whoever) finally made good on her promises. Maybe that’s a good sign for her future interactions with people online.

  41. I bet. After all you’ve been through with that. At any rate, Glad to hear you got payment. And good riddance to Charmy.

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