When Idols Go Bad

Hello and welcome to When Idols Go bad. I’m Greg Evigan. This week, what does that dress say? What does that dress say? I WANT TO KNOW.


Join me again next week for When Idols Go Bad. Where Yajima Maimi will be showing some attitude…

Maimi H&A



13 responses to “When Idols Go Bad

  1. Because I’m anti-social? I’m the net equivalent of a homeless Glaswegian meths addict. Avoid avoid avoid. Cross the road. Don’t make eye contact. Shit he’s seen me. I’m that kind of vibe. Also I don’t go on often. But you can add me if you want. That offer also goes out to anyone else insane enough to take me up on it. I’ll pm you through Twitter.

    • I’m with you – can we create the web’s first “anti-social networking” site? Wait…so there might be some logistic issues…

  2. Haha, I second what Shirow says, plus you’ve been up late lately (well at least posting fairly late), always good to have someone else online whose still awake ;P

  3. I wish I had time to make Airi’s outfit for the Halloween party I’m going to this weekend. I’d be a real show-stopper. Despite the fact I’m not cute, young, Japanese, or female, I could still get away with it on Halloween.

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