Happy Halloween – Cute Halloween Pics

Good evening and welcome to BBC1. The time is just coming up to 8:15 on 30th October. Now it’s time for cute Halloween pictures, presented by H!P. While looking at the pictures perhaps you’d like to listen to the BBC Concert Orchestra…

Hallo RisakoHallo Risako 1Hallo Risako 2Hallo Saki

We interrupt this broadcast to take you over to our news room…


Hello I’m George Alagiah. Reports are coming in of an unidentified object causing terror in Tokyo. We take you straight to Roland Buerk, the BBC’s Foreign Correspondent for Japan…


Hello. People are coming out onto the streets from bars and cafes to see what is happening. An unidentified object has appeared during a concert by popular Japanese pop group Morning Musume. Giant screens across Tokyo, usually reserved for advertisements, are showing the scene of confusion within the Tokyo Kousei Nenkin Kaikan concert venue. Now wait a minute! I see something on top of the stage. No, it’s nothing but a shadow. Now the troops are on the edge of the stage. Seven thousand armed men closing in on an ugly…something. Wait, that wasn’t a shadow! It’s something moving…so ugly…kind of like the face-huggers from the Alien films…it’s going higher and higher. Why, it’s standing on legs…actually rearing up and giving a grotesque smile. The searchlights are on it. Hold on!


Well we seem to have lost pictures and sound from Tokyo so we’ll return you to the scheduled programme until a connection has been resumed…

Hallo YurinaHallo Yurina 1Hallo Yurina 2

We interrupt this broadcast to take you back to Roland Buerk in Tokyo.

Good heavens, something’s wriggling out of the shadow like a snake. Now it’s another one, and another. They look like half made dreadlocks to me. There, I can see the thing’s body. It’s small but frightening and it glistens like wet leather. But that face, it…ladies and gentlemen, it’s indescribable. I can hardly force myself to keep looking at it…


Once again we seem to have lost contact with Roland Buerk so we will return you to the scheduled programme of cute idols dressed for Halloween…


Contact has been restored with Tokyo so we will once again take you to the terrifying scenes inside the Tokyo Kousei Nenkin Kaikan concert venue.

Roland Buerk here. The eyes are black and gleam like a serpent. The head cowled. The mouth is slack jawed with saliva dripping from its rimless lips that seem to quiver and pulsate. The monster or whatever it is can hardly move. Or sing. It seems weighed down by…possibly gravity or lack of talent or maybe even a realisation of it’s own lack of worthiness or something. The thing’s raising up. The crowd falls back now. They’ve seen plenty. This is the most extraordinary experience. I can’t find words…I’ll pull this microphone with me as I talk. I’ll have to stop the description until I can take a new position. Hold on, will you please, I’ll be right back in a minute…


We return you to cute idols until contact can be re-established…

Halloween SakiHalloween Saki 1

We now return you to the scenes of terror in Tokyo.

Streets are all jammed here. Wait a minute…enemy now sighted near the Tokyo Imperial Palace. There’s still no word on the numbers of dead inside the concert venue but it’s thought only a few troops managed to flee. Oh God military planes are coming down, seemingly blinded and then the machinery jammed by a thick black smoke coming from the mouth of the beast. Wait. A second beast has been spotted. Oh…


This is the end now. Smoke comes out…black smoke, drifting over the city. People in the streets see it now. They’re running away…thousands of them, dropping like rats. Now the smoke’s spreading faster. People trying to run away from it, but it’s no use. They’re falling like flies. Now the smoke’s crossing towards me…one hundred yards away…it’s fifty feet…

ArghthereisnogodHorror 1

Hello? Hello Roland? Well we seem to have lost contact with Tokyo. Wait…we’ve just lost the rest of Japan. Now other cities throughout Asia are disappearing from our satellite links. Singapore’s gone. Beijing too. Now whole countries. China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam. Reports are coming in of further unidentified objects in other parts of the world. Wait…now we’re losing American cities. Los Angeles, New York…whole states are going down. Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Texas, California, Washington. Now European countries seem to be affected. Russia has gone. Poland too. Wait…Austria, Germany and Belgium have now gone. Also Switzerland so it’s not all bad news then. Spain has gone. France has gone. My God. People of Britain prepare yourselves. Arm yourselves. look to th…



This is Morningtime Welles, ladies and gentlemen, out of character to assure you that The War of Mitsui has no further significance than as the holiday offering it was intended to be. The Morningtime Theatre’s own internet version of dressing up in a sheet and jumping out of a bush and saying Boo! Starting now, we couldn’t soap all your windows and steal all your garden gates by tomorrow night…so we did the next best thing. We annihilated the idol world before your very eyes and utterly destroyed the U.F.A. You will be relieved, I hope, to learn that we didn’t mean it, and that both institutions are still open for business. So goodbye everybody, and remember the terrible lesson you learned tonight. That grinning, glowing, globular invader of your living room is an inhabitant of the pumpkin patch Mitsui Aika, and if your doorbell rings and nobody’s there, that was no Idol…it’s Aikawe’en.

Scary stuff huh? Well finally here’s Morning Musume doing a spooky production of Michael Jackson’s Thriller amongst other things. Actually I’m not much of a Jacko fan but I’d love to see the girls doing the dance for the whole song…


32 responses to “Happy Halloween – Cute Halloween Pics

  1. Sometimes I actually quite like the girl (Mitsui that is). Then she’ll say something or behave in a certain way and I’ll end up thinking, nope. She shouldn’t be anywhere near Morning Musume. To think that group once sold over a million and a half singles. Now their latest single can’t even outsell an AKB48 song that’s been on sale a week longer. Well not today it couldn’t.

    As for Hirano, well I hope she has one heck of a voice.

  2. have you seen how the AKB support structure is like? …. they are backed by several large Keiretsu/groups ( only from late 2008 ..)…. half of their theater sales are corporate seats… and i wouldn’t be surprised if their current single is the same.. so MM is at a serious disadvantage.. and a AKB sub group is doing an ED song for the FairyTail anime ( the same mangaka as Onepiece) so bah… manufacturing at its best…
    besides… i prefer breasts and bums to liver…..
    ( you cannot blame Aika there… and! Hirano hasn’t even spoken 😆 … i hope this winter concert will have some of her vocals..)

  3. I didn’t know that about AKB48. Well whatever the reason they are trouncing MM. That’s hard to escape from when you look at the sales figures. Maybe H!P’s management needs to get wiser.

  4. Is it just Tsunku having some weird lapse of reason? I mean, he decides the creative direction of all of H!P, right?

    Crap, now AKB48…I really need to plan a bank heist like you suggested, morningtime. And, you’re right, nobody’s got spare change these days…at least in the U.S., thanks to puppet president George WTF Bush.

  5. bah.. if MM/H!P has to emulate AKB’s formula to be a success… I’d rather they ( MM/H!P) go down…

  6. I don’t want MM or H!P to be AKB clones. I do want them to find proper success again. To me that means firstly bringing in new blood in terms of songwriters both lyrically and musically. Then bringing in new blood (and culling several deadweights) in MM. I’m harsh but I’d get rid of Michishige (she has a tv career that’s on the up and an idol personality going down), Mitsui and Linlin. Bring in about four new members who are attractive, can sing but are also interesting personalities. At least one should have a Yossie type of vibe. Somebody who can be strong and sassy. They should try and avoid the exaggerated girly types. Nacchi was cute without acting like a 5 year old. Kaori was beautiful and yet mature. Goto Maki despite being young had a cool personality rather than a daft one. I can’t help feeling that with later gens Tsunku messed up the balance. It’s like he appeased the hardcore wotas and forgot about everyone else (especially the female fans).

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  8. Halloween’s a bust for me this year – no party, no costume, and so no Halloween spirit.

    I was invited to a party that might actually be a good time but…well, I’m not ready to explain me and my ex yet.

    I decided to celebrate by spending money I don’t have on some more Morning Musume CDs. Yeah!

    Yes, I’m still new at this so try not to make fun of me. Currently, I only have 6, 7.5, 8, and 10th Anniv. I just ordered 1 and 2 and I’m planning to place another order for 3, 4, 5, and 7 after my check clears.

    I don’t suppose I’ll get to eat much for the next two weeks.

  9. Everyone is new at some stage. I hope you enjoy the 7th album when you get it. It’s probably my favourite overall.

    As for Halloween well I’ll be staying in on my own, eating chocolate and watching silly 60’s horror movies probably starring Vincent Price. Because horror is at it’s best when it’s camp rather than gory. Oh and nobody could ever chew the scenery like Vincent Price could.

    • Thanks, MT. I really like the MM CDs I have and I’m sure the others will continue that but I’ll give special attention to 7 on your recommendation.

      I have some trouble keeping track of which members are on each CD and, since my Platinum 9 hasn’t come yet, I can’t say much about the current lineup (with the exception of regretting Koharu’s departure).

      Yeah, everyone’s new sometime. I feel a bit lost but I’m getting there.

  10. LOL at the last picture, eheheh, really.

    I’ll quote this:
    “It’s like he appeased the hardcore wotas and forgot about everyone else”


  11. WHy yes 😀 😀 and Dracula: dead and loving it…. always funny… i love it when his characters break the 4th wall

    • Agreed. One of my classic favs but I don’t think I’ve seen it for 15 years or more. Time to hit my Netflix queue…

  12. I hope you don’t mind if I stray a bit off topic but…

    One thing Halloween means to me every year is that it’s time to turn the clocks back an hour as we go off Daylight Savings Time (yes, I’m in the U.S.).

    I’ve never understood why we still bother with this. Sure, it saved people money on candles back in the day when Ben Franklin came up with the idea but what relevance does it really have today?

    It’s an unnecessary pain in the butt and doesn’t make any sense to me. As far as I know, there are only two practical benefits: 1)People have a conveniently scheduled time twice a year to check the batteries in their smoke alarms and 2)Bars can stay open an hour later because the clock turns back (this is important for college students and their binge-drinking here in Ohio – bars normally close at 2:30 but tonight at 2:00, the clock turns back to 1:00, giving the bar an extra hour of business before closing at 2:30).

    I’ll be going back to EST after tonight (I think that makes me five hours different than you, MT). About all this means to me is that it’ll be dark by the time I get home from work.

    I hope you enjoyed this edition of “Things That Suck about the U.S.”

  13. The clocks went back here last week. I’m in the minority that love it as it goes dark earlier meaning it’s an early sign of Halloween, Guy Fawkes and Christmas all coming. But I’ve always been a winter person. A lot of people over here are pushing for it to be stopped. I think that would Leave Scotland on a different time zone or alternatively really annoy their farmers though.

  14. Well, Halloween was a bust and now, thanks to MT, I get to go to bed with visions of Mitsui stuck in my head. Oh, the horror…

  15. Well, it would appear that Mitsui did not destroy Cleveland while I was asleep. But, she really should stop making that face…

    She’s kinda cute in some pictures yet…I’m scared.

    I know you you posted the worst of the worst but, damn, that face is just wrong.

  16. The thing is at times she can be kind of cute. Then at other times it’s like she’s just…wrong. I’d wish her the best of luck in a post-Morning Musume career of her choice. I just wish that post-MM career would happen sooner rather than later. :p

  17. Can you post a redeeming “Mitsui’s weird and can’t sing but is still cute sometimes” post? I’m still worried that face is going to destroy Cleveland unless you do something to appease the evil spirits.

    • Some great pics in that post and she did have great potential but… Maybe she will still hit her prime.

      Need your help – I have this unidentified CD that I got through my local library. It seems to be half Morning Musume and half Tanpopo. The bibliographic record credits Morning Musume as author and gives the title as “Zao an shao nü zu” which is (I believe) their Chinese market name.

      The tracks are listed in the record as such: Love mashīn — 21-seiki — Manatsu no kōsen — Wasure rannai — Furusato — Memory seishun no hikari — Daite hold on me! — Ai no tane — Seinaru kane ga hibiku yoru — Junjō kōshinkyoku — Tanpopo — Rainy day — Ai no uta — Motto — Night of Tokyo city.

      The insert was missing and I have no additional info. Any clue?

  18. That’s weird. Junjō kōshinkyoku is a Yuko Nakazawa solo single. Seinaru Kane ga Hibiku Yoru, Tanpopo and Motto are Tanpopo songs. Then Night of Tokyo City is from Morning Musume’s second album. 21 Seiki is a coupling track from the Love Machine single. Wasurerannai is the coupling track for Furusato. Rainy Day may be Tanpopo’s A Rainy Day which was the coupling track for the Tanpopo single. As for what the album is I haven’t a clue. I guess it’s a Chinese release. Although I thought the Chinese name was only in use from 2007.

  19. The release date is also mystery as the record states 200?. I’m guessing it’s it’s a Chinese release because of the the title but I’d like to know more about it. Btw, the songs on the CD do match the track list I posted. Also although the insert was missing, the jewel case had kind of a ghost image of the Furusato single on the plastic. Go figure.

  20. When I get to work on Monday, I can verify when it was added to the collection (yes, I work for the library in question) but that still doesn’t really clarify the release date.

    Oh, now you know I’m a librarian (a cataloger, to be specific). Yes, I live by AACR2, LCRI, and LCSH. WTF, I would’ve said so at some point anyway.

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