Aishiteru Aishiteru Nakajima Saki Solo Camera

Tonight for the first time ever I actually watched a close-up live dvd from beginning to end. I do have Buono’s Hybrid Punch dvd but I haven’t even thought of watching the second disc of close-ups. Yet for Nakki-chan…well I could stand to watch an hour and ten minutes of Nakki stalker action from the ABC tour. It’s a strange experience. Sure the girl is cute. Very cute. No I mean REALLY STUPENDOUSLY CUTE. Even so it’s still strange to spend over an hour not looking at anyone else. Then again watching the normal ABC live dvd I spent most of my time looking at her anyway so wtf.

Having watched this solo version of the concert I’ve decided to show those of you who have never experienced the delights of a solo close-up just what you have been missing. So here is Nakki-chan singing Aishiteru Aishiteru with the unseen Umeda Erika (as Kanna was otherwise unavailable seeing as she had a foot problem. Although she’s probably the one who was filming the Suzuki Airi close-up version of this concert. If not she’s probably watched it about 50 times by now anyway).



9 responses to “Aishiteru Aishiteru Nakajima Saki Solo Camera

  1. Saki is lovely and all, she is amazing
    .. but my first love will allways be the YajiSuzu faction …. btw.. my future father in-law just won his tournament…. 😀
    oh and goodbye for around 6 months… will catch you in April 2010

    • I haven’t talked to you at all since I got here – why are you leaving for 6 months? (If you don’t mind me asking)

  2. fun? depends if your are an optimist or a pessimist… a good Thesis leads to good masters leads to good phd research place in Japan …or wherever.. either way it is a step towards reaching my goal ( I.E to be Suzuki Tohru’s Sun In law… 😀 ) I clearly cannot schedule well… hence I need to start somewhere… and going off the forums/blogs/news outlets so far is bloody difficult… bah… my life story…
    and clocutron .. haha no worries 😀 we can talk in 6 months…
    ( oh if you are wondering how any of the stuff i said has anything to do with my goal? …. wait and see 😆 )
    ah well.. i will miss posting here 😆

  3. Ah that old ‘real life must take precedence’ thing huh? Well good luck. Oh and if you do eventually get to Japan put in a good word with Ai-chan for me. 😀

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