W Koi no Vacance pv subbed

Okay first of all an explanation. I’d been looking to find a subbed version of W’s excellent Koi no Vacance single and couldn’t find one anywhere. I’d also been wondering recently how hard it is to add subtitles to a video. You can see where this is leading. I have to admit I suck. I tried several different programmes and simply couldn’t work out how to add a second set of subs. So there’s no romaji. Yes this is horrendously basic. At the same time having ripped the pv myself from my dvd of W’s early pv collection W no Eizo no Sekai Vol. 1 the quality of picture is good.

Anyway I was going to keep the pv sub to myself. It’s hardly up to a subbing groups standards. I don’t think H!F have anything to worry about from me. 😀 But then I realised that my next blog post would be my 350th. I’ve also recently just passed the 250,000 hits mark (mainly because of people arriving here looking for something entirely different to what they found no doubt). I’d like to celebrate with my thoughts on C-ute’s Alo-Hello pb but Yes-you’ll-get-it-eventually-Asia haven’t sent it yet. I could also have celebrated with my thoughts on my first ever Junjun t-shirt but sadly the slip came through the letterbox today telling me it’ll be delivered when the customs charge has been paid. Bloody Government. If they can show me somewhere in the UK where I can buy a Junjun shirt I’d happily keep the money in this country. So instead I figured this would make a good 350th post. And so ladies, gentlemen…and miscellaneous I present you with a very basic sub of a great song and pv. You can direct download here or here if you wish. The subbed version of the dance shot is available here. It may well have already been subbed. I don’t know. I looked but couldn’t find. And to be honest I was hoping to sub something of Mano’s instead but couldn’t find any translations for her songs. So instead it’s back to a time when Kago wasn’t a byword for skank and Tsuji…didn’t look any different to how she looks now except now she has really big hair. I hope you enjoy…


Double Kago. Lock up your fathers. 😀


How I love that pv. It’s just so much fun!


11 responses to “W Koi no Vacance pv subbed

  1. Their harmonies are superb – a great match of two voices. They created some excellent music and could’ve done so much…

  2. She’s one of my favorites (very high on my list) and she’s the only member (as far as I know) to actually be kicked out of H!P. I haven’t followed what (if anything) she’s done since. Any clue?

  3. She’s now acting. She’s also had one solo single out this year. I think the last thing she’s done is a lead role in some sequel in The Grudge franchise. I’m not entirely sure what it was called though. Others probably have a better Kago knowledge than me.

  4. Thanks for the info (even if limited).

    I hope it’s okay to ask an off-topic question here: I’ve been downloading a bunch of the H!F videos. Many of them are .avi format encoded with the open-source Xvid codec. My DVD player won’t play these although it can play DivX .avi files. It can also play .mp4 (H264) files. I’m looking for the best way to convert the files to watch them on my DVD player instead of my computer.

    Tonight, I settled on CinemaForge but I’m wondering if that’s a good choice or if there’s something better.

    Side note: I really want to support the use of open-source software but my DVD player won’t support it.

  5. Yeah, I used to. Problem is, I’ve had some computer problems lately and had to build a Frankenputer out of spare parts to get me through in the meantime. It’s performance is sub-standard to say the least.

    Okay, fine, here’s the story. Within two weeks: 1)My half of the legal fees for my divorce would be $675. 2)The power supply on my desktop fried and killed the motherboard in the process. 3)The city I used to live in informed me I owe them $371 in taxes. 4)The screen on my laptop crapped out. 5)I broke my glasses. Yeah, the worst two weeks of my entire life.

    So, I managed to build a computer out of spare parts in order to still do some of the things I do but it…well, I’ll just say it’s less capable than what I’m used to.

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