Hello! Project don’t do holidays…

Carlsberg don't do holidays

Carlsberg Hello! Project don’t do holidays. But if they did they’d be the best damn holidays in the world!


7 responses to “Hello! Project don’t do holidays…

  1. Cute but I don’t get it. Is it some C-ute Gunpowder Plot? Perhaps to blow up Tsunku for the Elder Project Purge (I mean “graduation”)?

    • This Frankenputer is running on an 866MHz AMD Duron. It hasn’t been able to do YouTube well for me but I’ll try to check it out at work tomorrow.

  2. …but if we did, they would probably be the c-utest holidays in the world!

    Does UFA need to hire someone to rub sun lotion in? I’ve got my CV all written up and everything XD

  3. Yes they would. Airi-tini please, easy on the Maimi. and a Chisato sundae with Nakki sprinkles and one of those cute little Mai-brellas!

    They should make life sized H!P beach towels…….

    creepy much? XD

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