Country Musume Iroppoi Onna Sexy Baby subbed

As I continue to bugger about with subbing programmes I decided to sub what to me is Country Musume’s best song, Iroppoi Onna Sexy Baby. This time I’ve figured out (with kind help from ggliff at Musume-Central) how to do more than one set of subs. So here is the pv with English and romaji subs. You can direct d/l here and here.


I have to say that as well as loving the song I also love the pv. All the members look great. Toda Rinne looks really cute with her hair bunched, Ishikawa Rika looks as beautiful as she ever looked, little Kimura Asami looks adorable and Satoda Mai has her usual strong presence. The pv also has Rika in glasses and a sexy business suit and the others get to dress up too. Add to that the sexy dance moves and the sexy clothes they’re wearing during those sexy dance moves and we have a pv that’s…well it begins with “s”, has four letters and ends in “exy”.


18 responses to “Country Musume Iroppoi Onna Sexy Baby subbed

  1. Oh, you’re truly a god. This is my favorite Country Musume song as well. I’ll check this out as soon as I’m done listen to the MM Coupling Collection that I just got in the mail today (I suppose you’d say “post” instead of “mail”). Damn, it’s good, especially since I haven’t been able to afford their singles and don’t have many of their albums either.

    Btw, the MM photobook is really good.

  2. I’m still to get the coupling collection. It’s on my wanted list though. Along with Morning Musume’s Kimagure Princess single V, C-ute’s singles collection (when it’s released) and Takahashi Ai’s hand in marriage.

  3. You won’t regret the MM CC. I’d like the C-ute singles collection as well. I suppose Takahashi-san’s hand in marriage is an exclusive one-time offer. Best of luck. My preference will be kept secret for now.

  4. Ooops sorry for bugging you but what do you use for hardsubbing the videos? my knowledge of AviSynth sucks, maybe you have another alternative?

  5. I use a programme called Subtitle Workshop by Urusoft to do the sub file. Then I save it as a SubRip (srt) file. Then I use VirtualDubMod to do the actual hardsubbing. If any ripping from dvd’s is needed I first rip using DVD Decrypter. If I need to mess about with the filesize I find HandBrake quite useful.

    Subtitle Workshop –
    VirtualDubMod –
    DVD Decrypter –
    HandBrake –

  6. Oh wait, that’s you? It’s always confusing when people go by different names in different places. Of course I am one such person myself. 😛

    Ah Mano. Oh wow I’ve never even seen that clip before, let alone subbed. Well I haven’t seen her Guam dvd yet. I have the pb but not the dvd. Great choice of subject meyouu. It’s great to have the translation now but even better that it comes with the actual pv. 😀 It’s a good pv too.

  7. Well, it sparks my creativity in creating names :)… and passwords.

    Just found the translations on the Mano thread, then someone kinda introduced the PV further along the thread, thought it was nice (or since H!:) or anybody never did ANY of her PVs 😀 ).

  8. Doesn’t Asami look like one of the gatas eggs!?

    i can never remember their names. which just goes to show what a poor fan i am of the group. hahaha!
    not sawa-han, not nocchi, not koregana….. the other one….. lol!
    but yeah. they look really similar.

    Morningtime, you going to the Crackatastic Koharu saturday on the 28th?

  9. Hmm…Korenaga is the…unusual looking one. Mano is the one who was too cute so had to leave. Arisa is the freckly one (well I always see her as having freckles unless it’s just my imagination). Sawada I kind of vaguely remember. Oh it’s Mini-me. Minami Sengoku! That’s who she looks like.

    As for Koha’s Cracktastic I’m not going to be able to make it. I’m due back in work after a long time off a few days before so it’s not good timing.

    Well I now return me to Five Go Mad in Hawaii. A bikini spectacular that should really be made into a weekly tv show. Actually no make that a daily tv show.

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