Yes There Will Be Picspam – C-ute Alo-Hello subbed


H!F have subbed C-ute’s Alo-Hello dvd. So it’s time for C-ute Hawaiian action. Did I spell “Hawaiian” right? Probably not. Anyway when the first scene in an hour and thirty-eight minute production is this…


You know it’s going to be a good one.

And there’s certainly no waiting around as the five members of the then soon to be 5-nin C-ute run off to the water-slides. Literally…


Like I said, it’s going to be a good one. And really there’s not a lot to say about the first five minutes. It’s C-ute on water-slides. It’s as you’d expect…


After that Nakki-chan announces it’s time for C-ute’s Hawaii tour branch manager contest. This basically involves lots of challenges pitting the members against each other. The first contest involves riding a banana boat while holding glasses of juice and then seeing who has the most juice left in their glass at the end. So it’s onwards to more water fun…


After the competition they then get to ride some more inflatables. So here we see Airi, Nakki-chan and Maimi bouncing along the waves…


And then here we see Airi, Nakki-chan and…huh?


Well there’s a turn up. The athletic, beautiful, long-haired, long-legged all-rounder fell off? What next? A drastic new haircut?

Maimi hairMaimi hair 1

Nooooooooooooooooooooooo! Hmm…it’s a bit Single White Female between Maimi and Captain. Who’d have thought Maimi would be the one doing the copying? I hope Captain doesn’t have a dog. Or a boyfriend come to think of it. It looks like Maimi’s wearing high heels too. That’d be one in the eye for any partner of Shimizu’s. On a separate note isn’t Mano’s hair lovely and glossy? She’s been at the dog biscuits. But enough of that meeting of the H!P summit leaders, back to Hawaii. What’s next?


Without going into too much detail I never want Nakki-chan to make me a sandwich. She can do a lot of other things for me, and in another 88 days the list will grow to a lot more again, but making a sandwich is not on the list. Although she can keep hold of the whipped cream for 88 days or so and then use it.


I’d eat both of them and leave the sandwich.

After making sandwiches they then grab some random old surfer dude who happened to be passing by so that he could judge whose was the best. He is a very lucky random old surfer dude in one sense, however he also has to eat the sandwiches so maybe it’s yin and yang.



Help yourself? I’d eat Maimi and leave the sandwiches.


Help yourself? Well I’d…well you can take it as read for all of the first four.


So that’s the first four.


Help yourself? Well I’d…eat the sandwiches. Hey I may be sick but I’m not that sick. I’d wait for at least another year or two.

So after the sandwiches it’s 27 minutes and 5 seconds into the dvd. The relevance?


There’s your relevance. It’s a one-on-one pool battle. Who can reach the floating flag first? Some highlights…


I have to interrupt just to say, Maimi…really…wow. Just…WOW.


Hmm…Maimi who is the tallest member against Mai who is one of the shortest and who can’t swim. I wonder how that’ll turn out?


Following that bliss the swimming heaven continues with a 25 metres battle. However it’s not a straight swimming battle as each member draws a card that tells them either which swimming technique to use or what item they have to swim with…


I don’t think Airi will be winning this battle somehow. Mind you since she can’t swim neither will Maimai. She has to have Nakki-chan & Chisato alongside her for support…


Mind you it turns out that Airi can’t swim either. Still I don’t think there’s any danger of her drowning…


As for Nakki-chan well…


Damn right.

After that contest the next one is another 25 metres swim battle. This time there are no conditions and the members can race anyway they want. Of course the fact that two of them can’t swim kind of limits things for them.


I suddenly fancy a swim. Anyway the swim battle has one disqualification. It was a good call from the invisible referee and leads to one member who can swim being given last place behind two who can’t.

So leaving the pool behind it’s time for something called a ‘scattered quiz’ on the beach. In other words there’s some capsules with questions in them buried in the sand. The first person to find and correctly answer three questions is the winner. Or to put it another way, ‘hey everyone run around the beach for a while’. It’s a good game…


What I love about that picture is Maimi hugging Chisato in the background. They’re all so happy. Unlike with Morning Musume where, despite the fact they always say they are like a family, you always get the feeling it’s a slightly dysfunctional one that argues behind closed doors a lot, with C-ute you really do get a sense of friendship. These girls have grown up together. They are always so supportive of each other. It’s just so heart-warming and lovely.


Even in the middle of Hawaii there’s always time for a Reggie Perrin impression…


The next competition is…frankly made irrelevant the moment they appear on screen looking like…


And so it’s time to take a break from the competitions and just have some fun in the bikinis pool.


Okay. I’ll just find my passport.


I don’t know what they are doing but it sure looks like fun. Passport…passport…now where is it?


Maimi’s taking over from Kanna. Leader’s prerogative I guess. You wouldn’t think members would have to keep leaving just to get a good fingering (I should add that’s entirely the belief of ‘The Chris’ over at Hello!Blog).


Now for an editing balls-up competition. Can you spot the mistake?


Please send your answers to the “there’s one at the top but five at the bottom then one at the top again” competition. P.O. Box 8765, Hawaii.


Well just over an hour into the dvd and it’s time to do some…


Yes the girls get to dry off in the sun while I get to dry the saliva off my pants with a paper towel. So the rules…


It’s fun to watch the members trying to communicate in English but not as much fun as them messing about in bikinis. Mind you Nakki-chan found another way to communicate. Something used for communication since the time of the cavemen…


No not kanji. A drawing.

After the shopping it’s time for C-ute to reflect on their experience. It was certainly one full of fun…


Told you.

After that the branch manager winner is announced and then that’s the end of the fun. Except it isn’t. For there is still twelve minutes of the dvd left. So what’s left exactly? Well there is a bedroom scene with all five members. No it’s nothing like that but I won’t give anything away. Let’s just say it’s nothing to do with any thoughts The Chris might have about what the C-ute members get up to in their spare time…unfortunately.


Then for the final seven minutes it’s ‘making of’ time. Well it’s more bikini fun so who’s complaining? Not me that’s for sure…


And so as the sun sets on this dvd it’s time to say sayonara to our fabulous five or alternatively start watching the whole thing from the beginning again. Something you may be tempted to do. In the past year or so all three main H!P groups have been to Hawaii. I honestly think this C-ute trip was the best to watch. The members are all having so much fun. They are clearly enjoying their first time there. Morning Musume and Berryz Koubou had fun too of course but with C-ute the element of competition made it interesting to watch while at the same time the close bonds between the members shone through at all times. There was a lot of laughter for all five members and it really was like the best family holiday you could ever wish for. It’s a pure joy. Every member came across really well. Every member played their part. Except Umeda obviously. However I have to say I never really thought of her at all while watching this. The five remaining members are still such a tight unit that even the loss of Umeda and Kanna in the space of a few months can’t impede them. Like I said, pure joy. Ten out of ten. Well maybe that should be five out of five.


22 responses to “Yes There Will Be Picspam – C-ute Alo-Hello subbed

    screw what i said about going on hiatus( for your blog at least) … there is no way i can ignore my c-uteys here. :massive nosebleed:
    WHY DID MAIMI CUT HER FLOWING LOCKS!!! NUOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ( but the Captain look is fine too >:{P )

  2. you sly person you XD XD …
    oh MAIMI’s ABS!!! :melts into goo:
    oh and ♥ YajiSuzu action… my two favourite °C-ute members 😀

  3. hahha.. i found myself looking at saki more now…Airi is her usual crazy self….♥ and Maimi is.. well .. maimi.. :S
    I see what you see mate… i think 😛

  4. Nakki-chan is adorably cute. She’s so sweet too. Who couldn’t love her? Airi is really funny during one of the swimming contests. She has her own unique approach to life. Maimi is just a gentleman-killer.

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  6. @thejuggernaut: also melting into goo.

    Good stuff MT. Thanks.

    And a huge load of thanks to H!F for all the work they do.

  7. Yes life as a non-Japanese speaking H!P fan would be a lot less enjoyable without H!F and the other subbing groups. I think ICU subs are also subbing this but they will also provide a second set of subs for the commentary track. So I’ll be downloading theirs too and reading just what exactly the C-ute girls are saying in their commentary. I doubt there’s many professional releases that compare to the level of dedication the subbing groups for H!P show.

  8. I haven’t had a chance to check out any of ICU’s subs yet (ugh, I need more time in the day) but I agree that this level of dedication is rare. If only I could bring myself to do something so productive…

  9. Agreed. I just wish I could find the time and motivation to something cool like what you do with this blog or the skills to do something like H!F does.

  10. Well as long as you enjoy H!P that’s the main thing. I do what I do with this blog as it’s my only way of communicating with other H!P fans and because it gives me an outlet for my insanity. 😀

  11. Well, I do enjoy H!P (more than I could possible express) and you give me an outlet for my insanity as well.

  12. Sorry about the frequent typos. I’m trying to do five things at once and it’s making my editorial skills slack a bit.

  13. Is there a centralized site for ICU subs like the H!F subs at Musume-Central? I’m finding random hits but maybe I’m just searching poorly at such a late hour.

    Btw, MT, how do you stay up so damn late? I have to hit the sack soon and I’m five hours behind your timezone.

  14. I don’t know of anywhere where you can direct download the ICU subs. However the Tracker at Hello! Online has all their stuff. The best way of finding them there is to go to the ICU website here…
    Then click on the “completed subtitled releases” banner at the top right. It takes you straight to their tracker files.

    As for me staying up so late well I’ve got into a strange sleeping pattern recently as I’ve been off work for a while. Still I’m due back soon so I’ll need to start readjusting.

  15. Excellent, thanks for the link. Now even more vids I don’t have time to watch…

    Good luck getting back to work. It can be rough after some time off.

    I’ve got a week of vacation coming up in just a few more weeks and I’m really looking forward to it. Don’t have anything special planned, just need a break and some time to catch up on a few things I’ve left half done.

  16. There’s always too much stuff to watch. But that’s better than not enough stuff to watch right?

    For your vacation you can catch up on some of the stuff you have to watch. 😀

  17. Oooohhh… lucky lucky guys… as for me, I’m dling part by part, I haven’t seen it yet, half the size won’t fit my HD.

    And yes, sunset… sniff erik… sniff… missing a bik… sniff… demeth.

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