Million Kazoku subbed (Sayumi & Ishikawa)

H!F and SMF have jointly subbed this tv show where several celebrities have to hide for two hours in order to win 1,000,000 yen each. This particular show had Sigh Yummy as a contestant and Ishikawa Rika as one of the hunters. It also had Miki Fujimoto’s husband but frankly it could have had Shergar being ridden by Lord Lucan and I’d have still been paying no attention whatsoever due to being preoccupied checking out the IshiSayu duo. Anyway you can download from the tracker at AKB48 Online here. Although if you want to direct download I’d suggest going to

The show takes place in a four level shopping mall with traps for the hunters and many strange hiding places. It’s quite an interesting concept I guess. However I’m mainly posting for one reason. Which is? It’s to say that I would happily spend the rest of my life in the dark as long as:

A. I was married to Sigh Yummy and

B. I had infra-red vision goggles…

InfraInfra 1Infra 2Infra 3Infra 4

It’s not usually much of a compliment to say that someone looks great in the dark. It’s a bit like saying someone has a good face for radio. However on this occasion I really mean it as a compliment. Sayu looks gorgeous! Is it wrong to find these pics somewhat erotic?

Anyway I’d like to take this opportunity while I’m posting to publicly apologise to the producers of Yorosen for one thing (and frankly an apology for one thing is one more than they deserve really)…

RailRail 1Rail 2Rail 3

So she really does like trains? And here was I thinking that the boring subjects of Yorosen were entirely due to the behind-the-scenes staff. Sayu’s a train buff. Who’d have thought it? Well it makes my wotadom feel slightly less embarrassing. I mean sure I spend far too much on pictures, books and dvd’s of cute Japanese idols but Sigh Yummy likes trains so hey, who can criticise anyone else in this amazing and constantly surprising world?

What’s not so surprising is Rika’s approach to hunting…


Hunting for cute items is not really what she’s supposed to be doing but I’d happily watch her doing it for two hours.

Anyway it’s another interesting tv show sub from H!F/SMF. Now where can I buy infra-red goggles?


4 responses to “Million Kazoku subbed (Sayumi & Ishikawa)

  1. MT: “Is it wrong to find these pics somewhat erotic?”

    Oh no, not at all. Well…if it is, I’m a terrible sinner as well but I don’t believe that for a minute. I think she looks incredible in those pics (can’t wait to watch the vid – ugh…download faster!!!)

    Hell, I don’t even need night-vision – I’d settle for a small battery-powered book light or something. Maybe even a bright full moon shining through the window would do the trick…

    With all these videos, I’m losing time to actually listen to their music, which is what brought me here in the first place. Luckily, I can use my iPod all day at work so I still get a healthy dose of the tunes during the week.

  2. Actually when I’m at home I tend to spend most times watching H!P stuff, whether it be tv shows or pv’s, and not much time actually listening to stuff. So I tend to have their music on in the car. I do have loads of stuff on my mps player too though.

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