C-ute Live Subs

Had you ever thought that what a live performance of a single really needs to make it more interesting is tap dancing? No? Me neither. Why would you? You’d have to be insane to think such a thing. However someone involved with C-ute must certainly be insane (and yet on the other hand they are working with C-ute so they are also very very lucky). It’s a good job too as I can’t listen to Sakura Chirari now without hearing the tapping. In fact it’s so catchy that I decided to sub the performance. Then while I was at it I decided to show just why Tsunku wasn’t doing anything too different with the lyrics to Kimagure Princess. He has had prior form. So yes I also subbed a live performance of Massara Blue Jeans. If you hear the words “love me do” and immediately think of The Beatles you are wrong. The Beatles indeed. The very thought. Those lyrics totally belong to C-ute. As do the words “love me! Love me! Love me! Love me!” and the resulting thrusts. And to think that just a few short years ago I’d never even heard of C-ute or any other Hello! Project acts for that matter. Now when I think back it’s like some kind of scary Twilight Zone other reality. The stuff of nightmares.

Anyway both performances are from the ABC tour. It’s a great live show. I bought the dvd and watched it all the way through in one sitting. Something that doesn’t always happen with live dvd’s. Normally I need a break in the middle. C-ute are great to watch live.


The good thing about tap dancing is you really need to show the legs if you’re doing it.



Imagination? Well yes I have an imagination. But I can’t tell you what I’m thinking right now.


Very true.

Love 0Love 01Love 03Love 04

Does anybody think my blog is really pervy? I hope so. I’d hate to think I’m wasting my time here. 😀

Love meeeeLove

A great song. True story.


16 responses to “C-ute Live Subs

  1. I actually own this DVD. I love it (although the production value is quite low compared with the Matsuura Aya and Melon Kinenbi DVDs I have).

    Thanks for the subs.

  2. It’s really the film and audio quality I meant by “production value.” I love the performance, I just think the DVD is cheaply made.

  3. Side not: I wish you had a forum so I wouldn’t feel like posting comments that aren’t related to the original post.

    I be here for about two more weeks and then have to disappear for a short while. After a number of unfortunate financial incidents, a more recent event has caused me to hit what I’m calling “cascading financial failure.

    Result: I have to leave my apartment and move back in with my parents. Ugh.

    Anyway, I have a couple of weeks but will likely lose internet access for a while here before being able to get myself set up in my new space.

    In the meantime, I’ll keep checking the blog for updates but I don’t have a lot of time to pack. Ugh.

    Hey MT, will you buy me all kinds of H!P merch that I want? I swear I’ll pay you in like three years or so. Sorry, I guess I’m in the mood for bad jokes. Ugh.

  4. I’ve actually been planning to comment more on the actual content of your blog post so…

    I actually liked the tap dancing scene (no subs at that point and I still haven’t watched the subbed vids. It was a bit awkward but I found it entertaining.

    The Beatles? I mean, the Who…no, just “who?” It’s C-ute to me. Never cared for the Beatles.

    MT: “Does anybody think my blog is really pervy? I hope so. I’d hate to think I’m wasting my time here”

    Of course I do…and you’re not.

    I really like this performance but thought the DVD quality was poor. Still, I’ve watched it three times and will likely watch it again.

    Once again, thanks for the subs of these clips from the show.

  5. Moving back to your parents? Well these things happen. I’ve been close once or twice in the past but happily I’ve sorted my finances out better now. Although I do keep spending far too much on merchandise related to cute Japanese singers.

    I don’t mind random comments. It’s better than no comments!

    For some reason, even though I’m not a fan of tap by any means, I really liked it. Just for them doing something a bit different I guess.

    I also never cared for The Beatles. Then again having been brought up close to the area they hail from they’ve been forced down my throat too much over the years for me to like them.

  6. Yeah, things happen. Time to suck it up and deal with it.

    I guess I liked the tap for the same reason. As I said, I thought it was awkward but found it entertaining. It was surprisingly different.

    I suppose it’s worse where you are but here, people do still think you’re weird if you don’t like the Beatles. Imagine how they would react to what I do like… I generally listen to two genres – one is j-pop, but does anyone know what the other is?

    • Clocutron :i’d venture to say you like Metal… 😀 ( join the club if you are…THE H!O metal league :S ) BAL-SAGOTH! lml/
      The Beatles are cool .. ( but not as awesome as the Bee Gees in my opinion 😀 as songwriters IMHO ) yeah.. I have been ridiculed almost all my life for loving the Bee Gees 😀 so it doesn’t phase me

      • Wow, got it right on the first response – metal it is. I’ve been a metalhead as long as I can remember. I saw Death play here in Cleveland in 1986, long before Evil Chuck’s unfortunate bout with cancer.

        Not personally a fan of the Bee Gees but I won’t ridicule anyone for their musical tastes. Listen to what make you happy. For me, that’s j-pop and death metal – my favorite performers right now are Aya and Carcass. Do you suppose I could get them to do a show together?

  7. oh you are Liverpudlian, Jmol? then we are destined to be foes… being partial to the Mancunian way of life I am… 😀 😆 J/k mate
    The tap dance really added some value to the performance… though if they broke out into an Irish jig… i’d be stoked 😀 ( flippin skirts!)

  8. I’m not Liverpudlian but I’m from not far away. My family all are and I was brought up just over the river Mersey. So rather than being from a city I’m a townie. Although it’s also a peninsula here which means three sides of water. We’re nearly an island. Independence I say. Free us from this British government tyranny now! The island of JMol must happen. I promise it’s people Wednesdays off, free milk for all and an idol in every television set. Oh and Ai JMol nee Ai Takahashi as Queen.

    • Would you alloe immigrants? Can I move to your island if Obama can’t fix what Bush did to this country? #1 The Patriot Act – turning citizens into suspects since 2001. But the list could go on forever…

  9. I wouldn’t be one to survive long after an apocalyptic event because I’d insist on packing my H!P collection rather than silly things like food and water. I’ll show up at your border near death but with j-pop in tow.

  10. Well when I moved home last year the stuff I took the greatest care in packing up was my H!P collection. Never mind furniture, electrical equipment or crockery. No it was the H!P collection that was most important and rightly so.

  11. Yeah, I packed it like it was made of really fragile crystal. I have a lot of packing to do still but I’m making good progress.

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