Mano Erina – Friends tracklist

Hello! Online have reported the tracklist for Mano’s first album so here it is.

1. Otome no Inori

2. OSOZAKI musume

3. Sekai Wa Summer Party

4. Itsumo Itsu demo

5. Lalala – SoSoSo

6. Hajimete no Keiken

7. Lucky Aura

8. Santa no Saxophone

9. Kono Mune no Tokimeki wo

10. Matsuge no Saki ni Kimi ga Iru

11. oyasuminasai

12. Mano Piano (Album ver.)

I’m glad to see the indies singles are included as I’ve not been able to get hold of them. Lucky Aura is my favourite song of hers so I’m very happy with that. Although to be honest I find Lalala Sososo a bit repetitive. Mind you seven out of twelve tracks are singles. It’s almost a best of. Of the new tracks obviously as I haven’t heard them yet I can’t give an opinion. I will say though that the title “Santa no Saxophone” does fill me with a certain amount of dread.


6 responses to “Mano Erina – Friends tracklist

  1. I get a feeling that this album could really turn some people towrds liking Mano’s music, I know for me being able to listen to all her music in one go rather than a single at a time will make me like it more, haha I know I could put all her singles and bsides onto a playlist and just do it that way, but I’m just too lazy XD

    Hmmmm, Santa no Saxophone, sounds pure cheese, it’s going to be classy I can just tell lol.

  2. I just hope it doesn’t have the guy who voiced Santa in that Pucchi Moni song on it. If it does I may have to shove red hot needles into my ears. Come to think of it that Santa sounded very similar to the guy doing the backing vocals to C-ute’s Lalalalalalalalala song. Maybe he doesn’t have much to do during the year.

  3. It looks good, though. Besides, I love her voice and I think she’s got the potential to be a great H!P solo artist.

  4. Wow, she looks great in all of them but the hat picture is particularly good (the ear muffs are good too). Who am I kidding, her hair is awesome in the third pic as well (I’ve always thought she has great hair). I like her a lot and I’m excited to see what she does over the next couple of years. Great potential if Tsunku doesn’t screw it up.

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