C-ute on Utaban subbed

H!F have subbed C-ute’s first appearance on Utaban back when they were promoting Sakura Chirari. It’s available here. All I can say is they both haven’t changed that much and yet all look so unbelievably fresh-faced (like they still don’t now? Well okay of course they still do).


Kanna giggles all the way through and is just adorable. I don’t understand why some people disliked her so much.

I think Airi has changed the most since then.

Being the youngest and smallest Ishibashi has to skit at Maimai a bit which is fun. There is a big height difference.

Then C-ute ask for some advice. Again did I mention how cute Nacky is?


C-ute also discuss their fears. For Kanna…

So Kanna’s fear is staying alone in hotel rooms. Her attachment to Airi suddenly makes more sense. It’s good to see she was already thinking of making her move back then. 😀

C-ute then perform Sakura Chirari. It’s a good performance but with far too many close-up’s on the audience. The last part of the show gets very weird as some comedian comes on to perform a quick routine and then perform his single. However the female singer he’s with has great legs so all is good.

Anyway C-ute came on so lively, giggly and fresh so it’s a real refresher to watch on this cold, wet Sunday. Damn cute!


2 responses to “C-ute on Utaban subbed

  1. Awwwww they’re so cute! Kanna is such a weirdo. XD Airi’s head has shrunk to the right size, that’s what’s changed about her. lol!

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