Ishikawa Rika looking gorgeous!

I came across these pics (not literally you mucky minded readers) and just had to share. They are from some magazines. All I can say is that, based on this evidence, Rika’s next pb when it’s released later this month will be as hot as any other. That’s not to say these are necessarily pics from that pb (although I hope they are), I just mean that she’s still as beautiful as ever.


8 responses to “Ishikawa Rika looking gorgeous!

  1. Rika Rika Rika….. what are we going to do with her? we’re gonna have to hide her from people soon or they’ll get too excited!
    one thing i’m not so keen on is her short haircut…. like it doesn’t suit her for one thing, (i like long hair on her) but another is that now Yossie has a very similar style… they look like Aibon and Nono, back when they did their hair the same… except they’re about 1000% higher in sex factor and about 70% lower in cute factor than those two were…..

  2. I think I prefer longer her myself too but it still looks good short. Plus given time to get used to it maybe I’ll like it more. I did with Maimi.

    1000% higher? Seems too low a number to me. As for teh cute factor well Rika can do cute really well when she wants to.

  3. yeah. which is why the cute factor wasn’t as low and the sex factor was high. obviously not high enough. 10,000% any better? haha
    hugging my Yossie cushion right now! ^_^V

  4. You hug your Yossie cushion and I’ll hug my imaginary Rika love doll. It’s very realistic. It’s sexy and cute and has lots of pre-programmed phrases like “happy” and “guccha” but then when you’re out the room you hear it slagging you off. Oh but I can’t stay mad. It’s so pretty.

  5. i bet some weird gross wota out there actually has one of those creepy life-like sex dolls that you can like change the tongue in and stuff. but he got it made to look like rika…… ew.
    guess it’s better than Koharu…. or Momoko…. *shudder*

  6. Value for money says it’d be better to go for a tall member like Yossie, Junjun or Kaori. There’s more plastic for your pound. So to speak. Momoko would just be wasting money.

  7. LOL! OMG ew!
    although a yossie one is sounding far too tempting….. O.o!
    omg i’m such a creepy fangirl!!!
    not that i’d be able to do much with one….. i’d get more reaction out of the real thing. mwahahaha

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