Sayonara See You Again Koha

So it’s December 6th huh? I’m sure something important is supposed to be happening today.

Ah right yeah. Well my second favourite member is going to leave today but I doubt it’s the last we’ll see of her. Koha has too much energy, personality and mad charm to just disappear or “do a Yasuda” as I like to call it. Although that’s better than hanging around in the background, being all but invisible and having no particular use (or to “do an Inaba” as you could otherwise put it). Koha is too loud for that. 😀 So it’s not goodbye forever. It’s more like have a nice break. See you soon.

As for Morning Musume, well I hope they have some new members coming in next year and I hope they’re fresh and bring something new and lively to the group. Because this is what they are losing…

Koharu has grown into such a beauty. Here’s wishing her a happy graduation, a merry Christmas, a happy new year and lots of future success.

Edit: Hello! Fansubs have subtitled the Hello! Morning episode where the seventh gen auditions were shown. What a great way to commemorate Koharu’s special day. It’s available from the Tracker here.


11 responses to “Sayonara See You Again Koha

  1. Sayonara, See You Again, Adios, Bye-bye, Cha-Cha Koharu..

    Nice Picture on top. thats most of my favorites member of momusu 😛

  2. Aw, this post is sweet. It made my heart ache so badly because my idol is leaving. :\

    The only bad thing about new members… is that they might turn out to be Mitsui clones. O_O

  3. oops. i forgot that koha was graduating today. thought we had a couple more days!!

    we’re in desperate need of the 9th gen! we’re a year behind. lol! we need a new Kaori and Yossie…..

  4. Mitsui clones….Mitsui clones…Mitsui clones…ever had a nightmare about clowns? The idea of Mitsui clones is probably the only thing scarier.

    How could you forget Hexi? HOW COULD YOU FORGET? It would be good to see some new members but with no regular tv show I wonder how they will get their personalities across to the public?

  5. I just read that somewhere. I presume she chose it herself? I’d have liked Chance to be performed. I think it would have been a good, hopeful song to finish on. Still it’ll be interesting to see her do Furusato once the dvd is released.

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  8. nice post
    furusato for koha is perfect. after nacchi, its koharu’s song! well mainly because she auditiioned with it. but i consider it very much her. Plus furusato is such a strong song.

    kohaaaaruuuuuuuuu~ T____T

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