C-ute’s Shock! Covers

Legs! A great top hat! Maimi’s funky new haircut! More legs! Strange boots! More legs again! I like. I like very much.

The single is released on 6th January. So it’ll be a happy start to the new year at least.


13 responses to “C-ute’s Shock! Covers

  1. Now they’re looking like a “classic” girlgroup. 5 members seems so standard o.o But I like the cover even though I still have to get used to Maimi’s new haicut~

  2. When someone gets a drastic nw haircut it always takes a while to get used to. At first I was unsure what I thought of it but in these pictures I think it looks great.

  3. Her pics with her new hair looks pretty good so far. Lets see how cool its gonna look in some new pv’s lol

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