Nakajima Saki – Nacky Making Of

Well while I wait for the pb to arrive I decided it would be a good idea to check out the making of thanks to the tracker at H!O. Woah! The cutest C-utie is totally deserving of this pb and, based on the making of, the pb will be every bit as good as those other great 2009 pb’s by Ai-chan, Koha and C-ute. What a great year for pb’s. We’re being spoiled.

Anyway the making of starts with a piece to camera which is cute enough…

Before Nacky-chan then moves out onto the street and gets fruity. There’s something about this (fruit) segment that makes it well worth repeat viewing…

After that it’s time to show off the classic beauty of Nacky with some of those traditional H!P-pictures-of-a-beautiful-idol-with-water-in-the-background shots…

Which is then followed with some traditional H!P-pictures-of-a-beautiful-idol-in-a-field shots, while one of AKB48 gets wet in the background…

There’s no sprinkler in that last pic. It’s just all the wotas are salivating.

Dogs feature a lot in pbs. This dog has a suitably fitting “aren’t I lucky?” expression.

Oh yeah under the chin.

Ah yeah go on stroke my head and chest.

Lucky dog. Dogs have great lives though don’t they? I mean if I was on that beach Nacky wouldn’t have come over and stroked me and even if she did (something of a long shot I know) I’d probably have then got into trouble when I rolled on my back and exposed myself expectantly. Yet dogs can do that all the time and all they get is a tickled stomach. It’s not a dog’s life for us humans and mores the pity.

Up next Nacky manages to wear something unattractive and yet still looks like a true beauty. That’s a sign of class…

Then it’s back indoors for some great bed posing and some spam (and not of the ‘pic’ variety)…

H!P never forgets the importance of getting an education though…

H!F also know that physical education is also very important and my mind has just melted at Nacky doing the splits. I think I need a lie down…

There’s just time for a quick dip in the pool (I love the pink swimsuit by the way. Nacky has this classic beauty that seems to suit an older fashioned style. Like some 60’s film star) and then it’s time for some light reading. There are good omens in this making of. There’s a hug and kiss too…

Finally there’s just time to squeeze in some classic bikini beach posing…


Nacky’s pb has been long overdue but judging by the making of it’ll have been worth the wait.

This has been a great year for H!P pb’s. I reckon there’s still one more great pb to come though as the cover for Ishikawa Rika’s 24 has been revealed…

Happy days!


11 responses to “Nakajima Saki – Nacky Making Of

  1. Agree there, wish we could have this one done asap… which we tried and faile.d. blames the background ambiance as there are a few MAJOR lines we can’t ignore but can’t get!

    Naki soooo c-ute and her legs are just killer!!!

  2. Wow, this does look like a good one – thanks for the pics MT, really looking forward to the sub sacredcultivator.

    Hey MT, I finally made it back. The move went smoothly – I had a great crew of friends helping out, which makes a huge difference. It’s nice to know people will work so hard to help out when you need it.

    It took me a week and a half to get internet access and it’s still a bit half-assed but it works. I also found out that my brother is planning to give me his laptop after he buys himself a new one for Christmas (go figure). Hopefully it will be a bit more capable than this electronic doorstop I’m currently using.

    • @sacredcultivator: Sorry. Just got back online and I didn’t even check before posting. Thanks for the update.

  3. Welcome back Clocutron. Glad the move went okay. I last moved a year ago and I think I’ve only just recovered. 😀

    And yep the subbed Nacky making of is out so you can get it at the tracker at Hello! Online or over at Musume-Central.

    • Good to hear from you. I missed the blog and the Nacky Making of post was a great one to come back to. Thanks again.

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