Rudolph the Red-Blooded Picspam…

…Or C-utemas is coming. Alternatively, Me, My Maimi, MaiMai, Mai.

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. With your hands in your pockets it’s one heck of an enjoyable day.

Mind you too much of that and…

You could explode. 😀

But the ex-H!P members can still pack a punch too you know.

Satoda Mai definitely packs two punches. 😉


9 responses to “Rudolph the Red-Blooded Picspam…

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  2. hAHAHHAHAH :splat:
    i finally got my C-ute Alo Hello PB & DVD 😀
    i have caught the bug and i aim to get more pbs and dvds… do you have any you want to off load next year? 😀

  3. Never! There are plenty I want to get next year though. 😀 In fact I’ve already pre-ordered Rika’s next pb. It looks like it’ll be sizzling. Next year I’m really hoping Junjun and Chisato get pb’s. Oh and maybe the 9th gen of Momusu!

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