The Top Ten Things About Morning Musume Right Now

10. Tanaka Reina.

9. Junjun’s face.

8. Junjun’s personality.

7. Ai-chan’s the leader.

6. Ai-chan’s eyes.

5. Ai-chan’s height.

4. Ai-Chan’s voice.

3. Ai-chan’s face.

2. Ai-chan’s smile.

1. Ai-chan’s Lovely personality.

Hey all that and I didn’t even mention Ai’s bum.

Less surprisingly I managed to make this post without referring to Sayumi’s ‘personality’

Or Mitsui Aika’s sex appeal.


12 responses to “The Top Ten Things About Morning Musume Right Now

  1. Sayumi’s personality? I am biased but she is perfectly good as she is, ok? ( my ultimate dream is having a 6th gen Harem … a little shattered when Fujimoto got married… but 3 out of 4 ain’t bad eh? 😛 )

  2. ugh, you has your priorities mixed up morningtime! 1: Reina is one of the most un-attrective things about MM right now.
    2: Sayu is amazing 3: Ai is not. the end!


  3. I kinda agree with the Sayu personality thing (btw that pic made me crack up after u mentioned sayu’s personality lmao)

    I actually also agree with the aika no sex appeal thing but i still love her idk why but i just do 🙂

  4. Thejuggernaut – A sixth gen harem would just involve Sayumi and Eri looking at themselves in a mirror all day and saying “I’m cute. No I’m cute”. You’d be bored in seconds.

    Hexi – Sayu has the personality of a retarded bimbo. If she was British she’d be that woman who won Celebrity Big Brother a few years ago. Chantelle or something. Oh and Ai is truly amazing. A great voice, great beauty, a great personality. In fact Morning Musume without Takahashi Ai would be a lot like a broken pencil. Pointless.

    Lionmaster44 – Aika does have her moments. I did find her Yorosen week funny. Even so for me she just doesn’t compare with about 95% of past and present Momusu members.

  5. sayu reminds me of a hamster. that’s just woken up. adorable and cute and innocent looking but if you poke it and it bites, it bloody hurts! she says such mean stuff! she’s hilarious!
    Ai is just boring. and she has this smile that screams “i’m amazing and i know it. i don’t need fans to tell me that” blegh. no thanks. 😛
    she’s been the “top” of momusu since like 2005 and i’m bored now. give someone else the spot light.
    you’re right about one thing though, JunJun is definitely one of the top 10 things about momusu right now. *nod*

  6. Ai-chan will give over the top spot when someone can challenge her. So sometime never then. 😀 Her smile is lovely. I can’t think of anyone who says “I love myself” less than Ai-chan. You criticise her because you perceive that she thinks she’s amazing and then defend Sayumi for pretty much the same thing. I’ve never heard Ai-chan big herself up once. Yet Sayumi does nothing but talk about herself. So I win. Na na nee na na. Ai-chan is great. No comebacks.

    I had to laugh at Sayumi saying she wants to Challenge Ayaya in the future. Ayaya may be an evil winsome munchkin but at least she can hold a note…a little bit. Anyway I don’t like bitchy types. I like my idols a bit purer. Otherwise I’d just like Lily Allen and err…other annoying British singers. Can’t think of any names right now.

    Junjun is so funny. Also cute. Sadly I don’t think she’ll ever really get too much spotlight in Momusu due to her not having been born in Japan.

  7. i never denied sayu is full of herself. EVERYONE knows she is. there would be zero point in defending the point. lol! and i like that about her anyways.
    never mind. we’ll have to agree to totally and completely disagree on this one. 😛

    • you devious S.O.B 😛
      …. well.. one can dream… 😀 6th Gen Harem will be quite interesting… and i am a person who takes a long time to be bored… i could watch them all day long… then again… I’ll stick to Kappa-chan 😀 … /arrrgghh decisions decisions

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