The Top Ten Things About H!P Right Now!

10. Tanaka Reina.

Still very much a big source of sex appeal in Morning Musume. That feline face, those wonky eyes, the yankii fashion. Sexy!

9. The announcement Ongaku Gatas will return (Okay they aren’t H!P anymore but they still count).

More Konkon! Chubby-cheeked idols are the reason they invented widescreen televisions. The only reason this isn’t number 2 is that we all know there still won’t be enough Konkon. Ongaku Gatas aren’t pushed enough to give us the amount of Konkon we deserve.

8. Okai Chisato.

Chisato is growing up nicely. She’s now the only current member of C-ute not to have had a photobook. Some mistake surely?

7. Yajima Maimi (and her cute new haircut).

Oh and her legs, hey eyes wide closed smile, her voice, her everything…

6. Buono continuing to go strong.

More great music guaranteed for 2010.

5. Mano Erina.

Even people who previously don’t seem to have liked her have said they enjoyed her album. She still is the future Queen of H!P you know.

4. Junjun

Funny, strong and totally into Reina. Junjun is a big personality in MM. She’s also one of the best looking members too. Everyone should have some Junjun in their lives!

3. Nakajima Saki.

C-ute’s cutest just gets prettier. Isn’t life great sometimes?

2. C-ute as a whole.

More great music and more great and cute all-round entertainment guaranteed for 2010.

1. Takahashi Ai.

Just face facts. She’s awesome (and she doesn’t even know it).


6 responses to “The Top Ten Things About H!P Right Now!

  1. I miss Konkon in bikinis 😦
    I still can’t believe I haven’t got any of her PBs, such an amazing body and such a cute face, so squidgy!

    Hmmm, I wonder if i can get her to come round a nd wash my car, it’s very very dirty 😀

  2. Your order is messed up by my judgment (but that’s okay because it’s your blog). You seem to have added a “0” to Tanaka Reina’s “1” for some strange reason.

  3. 10. Tanaka is not my piece of pie. I enjoyed her version of ‘Watashi t shirts yadayada too long titles’
    9. I’m not much into Ongaku Gatas but KonKon deserves much attention and a new PB 😀
    8. A PB for Chisato, yes pliz! And a solo song 😀 her voice is so strong and mature.
    7. Maimi’s new haircut adds character to her look.
    6. Buono continues to rock
    5. I’m one of the few ppl that didn’t like her album. Nope, no Mano for me.
    4. JunJun shines in MM. Her vocals need improving but her looks definitely not.
    3. Not a Nacky lover but I’m glad that she got a PB
    2. SHOCK! for me is a great indication of what C-ute is capable of musically. It’s also an Airi-centric experiment. We’ll see what happens.
    1. I really try but I just can’t embrace this fact ;D

  4. Paul – I have two Konkon pb’s. She’s incredibly cute. They are definitely worth getting.

    Clocutron – Well I think Reina is the best of the sixth gen. She’s number 1 of the 4 of the 6.

    Ladybird – A new Konkon pb would be great. Well Rika continues to have them so why not. Of course Konkon isn’t as active at the moment unfortunately.

    The only issue I have with Shock is that I was hoping for more lines for everyone now that there are only five. I really like the song but I’m disappointed that they seem to have decided the best replacement for the backing singing talents of Kanna and Erika is Maimi.

    Lionmaster44 – Junjun has risen rapidly in my estimations during 2009. Pretty much level pegging with Reina for the number 2 position. Actually she’d probably happily wrestle Reina for the number 2 position. I’d happily watch. 😀

  5. lmao reina and jun wrestling…thats a happy image 😀

    i had a dream last night that everyone from H!P was in a road rules vs real world: challenge show. that would be the best tv show ever. it needs to happen lol

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