Happy Birthday Yui & Yuuka

It’s a double celebration today. Yes the 28th December is Maeda Yuuka’s 15th birthday and Okada Yui’s 22nd. With great timing H!F have subbed Yui’s IDoll making of and it’s available on the tracker at Hello! Online (you’ll find it in amongst all the usual AKB crap). With equally good timing YesAsia have just posted Yui’s IDoll dvd to me today so I’ll be looking forward to seeing it. It’s something I’ve been wanting to see for ages. I’ve also subtitled an Uta Doki appearance with Yui & Erika singing Kokoro no Tabi. I’ve posted the Youtube vid below but you can also download in better quality here and here. For Maeda I’ve subtitled S/mileage’s debut single aMa no Jaku and it’s available here and here. Again I’ve also posted the Youtube video below.

So anyway how does one celebrate a H!P birthday these days? What’s that you say? Picspam? Oh well if you insist.

Here is Miyoshi Erika and Okada Yui singing Kokoro no Tabi from Uta Doki.

If Yui is sadly the forgotten past of H!P (not forgotten by me though) then Yuuka is the glorious future.

Now as promised here is S/mileage with aMa no Jaku subtitled.

Happy birthday to Yui and Yuuka. Two great H!P members of past and present.


9 responses to “Happy Birthday Yui & Yuuka

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  2. Ah Yuuka. She’s the star in waiting of H!P. I’m really loving S/mileage. So much so that I’ve subbed all three of their pv’s now. I love their pv’s. There’s this energy to the members that’s so fresh.

  3. Actually, when she was in High-King I said stuff like she’s the one messing the vocals (Kioku no Meiro, Diamonds, etc.), true right? right?

    But of course put her with doods of the same genre, and she becomes totally… cuddly?

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