Pervy Morning Weekly Q&A

Yes it’s another Pocket Pervy Morning question. This week’s is “When bathing, do you submerge completely up to your shoulders, or just waist deep?” Next week it’s “what do you wear in bed?” The week after is “Are you a sound sleeper?” And the week after that the question is “do you sweat in your sleep or would waking up to find yourself all sticky make you suspicious and put you in a position where you may call the police?” Possibly. Anyway the answers for this week follow…

“Waist Deep. If you were to be spying on me from a hole in the ceiling you’d get a really good uninterrupted view of my heavenly body.”

“I dive in up to my shoulders. Then I lie back and try to wash away the pain of being infinitely more talented, older, wiser and more interesting than Sayumi and yet still less well known.”

“I go waist deep. Any further and I’d instantly feel dizzy. A bit like when Tsunku used to give me those funny sweets and I’d always seem to wake up with my underwear on the wrong way around.”

“I always submerge up to my shoulders. And I also take a long time in the bath ♪ I tend to look up at the mirrored ceiling to check if I’m still as cute as I was five seconds earlier. Then I pretend that the person in the reflection is actually a future version of myself come back to gaze upon my naked loveliness. Then I touch myself.”

“Generally I first of all check my bathroom for any sign of Junjun. If she’s there I force her out and lock the door.  I don’t soak at all, as I prefer showers (-ω-☆ One advantage is I can grab the shower curtain to hide my modesty when Junjun inevitably breaks through the door with an axe shouting ‘Junjun koko’* I normally have to then try and fight her off with the shower head or the curtain rail. Consequently I don’t bathe that often but being like a cat I tend to lick myself a lot instead. Mind you so does Junjun if I’m not strict enough with the shower head or curtain rail.”

“I am usually showered in my garden by a family member. I try and catch the water in my mouth as it spurts out the hose pipe. Afterwards I just shake myself dry and then go and lie out in the sun for a while. If I’m lucky one of my family will then go to the shed and get the lead out and I’ll get taken for a walk.”

“It depends what Reina is having. If she’s having a bath though I soak completely up to my shoulders. Then when I hear her coming I hold my breath and submerge myself completely in the water. If I’m lucky I then get to play with my pussycat. 😀 If I’m not so lucky she beats me off with the shower head. Actually I think I should rephrase that last bit as it’s not as much fun as it sounds.”

“I soak completely! It’s fun, because it feels like being in a pool! So while you’re asleep tonight all you Brits can just dream of me having a good long soak in the bath, all naked and relaxed. Perhaps you’d like to imagine yourself joining me? Slipping into the bath besides me and gently running your hands over my warm, wet body?”

“You never speak to me anymore. Well sod you then. Here is what you’re missing.”

“That’s me about to shower.”

“And that’s me in the bath laying back my long slender body and just letting the waves gently caress my young, pert self. Miss me now don’t you, fuckers.”

*Or whatever the Japanese for “here’s Junjun” is.


22 responses to “Pervy Morning Weekly Q&A

  1. Holy hell. I almost peed myself reading this. This was too funny! As much as I love Aika I couldnt stop laughing while reading hers 😀

    And i swear these questions are just getting kinkier each week. Next week its going to be “what color underwear are you currently wearing?” Just watch. lol

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  3. Oh god, you really outdid yourself on this one!
    Made me laugh all the way through.

    But yeah, these question really do get weirder by the week, kinda leaves you wondering :p

    Reina/Junjun one was right up my alley!

  4. Meyouu – My Rikaichan seems to suggest that Japanese text may have been a compliment so thank you…I hope. 😛

    ninObb – Well I just took what the members themselves have given. It’s Junjun’s own genius that has given us the fancying Reina thing. What with that Platinum 9 Tour MC part they did and the dvd magazine where she described Reina as like a girlfriend. All hail Junjun. She provides all the real laughs in the current Momusu.

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  7. Solo’s, close ups, and browsing the web ill find some website that color code lyrics which makes my life easier lol 🙂

    im glad you liked it 🙂

  8. Can you lovely ladies please help me? I am trying to find Chisato Suzuki from Gamagori Shi, Japan. She was an exchange student with our family in 2002-2003 and we have been trying to find her. In Harrisburg, North Carolina, USA. I’m dying to find out how she’s been. Austin is 20 & in the Army. He will be going to Afganistan next July. Sawyer is 18 & a BEAST on the electric guitar. Kelsey is 17 and a Jr. in high school. Chisato’s birthday was February 27th…..It looks like her in the blog post of PE that I found on google….

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