This’ll be boring. This is a years worth of blog hits by destination. I thought I may as well post it as the map is about to be reset by whoever it is I’m using (I’m getting so lazy I can’t even be bothered to check. Probably has the name ‘maps’ in it though).

United States (US) 22,483

United Kingdom (GB) 4,935

Japan (JP) 4,812

Canada (CA) 4,190

Singapore (SG) 3,525

France (FR) 3,259

Malaysia (MY) 3,211

Indonesia (ID) 2,759

Germany (DE) 2,722

Philippines (PH) 1,765

Thailand (TH) 1,731

Australia (AU) 1,580

Mexico (MX) 1,524

Brazil (BR) 1,438

Finland (FI) 1,244

Spain (ES) 864

Netherlands (NL) 817

Norway (NO) 720

Poland (PL) 706

Hong Kong (HK) 626

Russian Federation (RU) 566

Italy (IT) 549

Chile (CL) 545

Sweden (SE) 537

New Zealand (NZ) 508

Korea, Republic of (KR) 455

Portugal (PT) 449

Peru (PE) 396

Vietnam (VN) 370

Belgium (BE) 368

Taiwan (TW) 353

Turkey (TR) 335

Romania (RO) 317

India (IN) 292

Denmark (DK) 291

Switzerland (CH) 273

Hungary (HU) 248

Uruguay (UY) 229

Argentina (AR) 228

Bolivia (BO) 220

Saudi Arabia (SA) 213

United Arab Emirates (AE) 203

Austria (AT) 154

Ireland (IE) 150

Iran, Islamic Republic of (IR) 148

Czech Republic (CZ) 146

Venezuela (VE) 143

Colombia (CO) 143

China (CN) 140

Puerto Rico (PR) 138

Algeria (DZ) 100

Europe (EU) 92

Luxembourg (LU) 92

Slovakia (SK) 89

Pakistan (PK) 86

Greece (GR) 85

Ukraine (UA) 84

Israel (IL) 82

Morocco (MA) 76

Bulgaria (BG) 57

Egypt (EG) 56

Lithuania (LT) 53

Tunisia (TN) 51

Kuwait (KW) 51

South Africa (ZA) 40

Croatia (HR) 40

Latvia (LV) 37

Serbia (RS) 36

Ecuador (EC) 31

Costa Rica (CR) 28

Qatar (QA) 27

El Salvador (SV) 27

Estonia (EE) 27

Lebanon (LB) 25

Slovenia (SI) 24

Macau (MO) 22

Brunei Darussalam (BN) 22

Guam (GU) 20

Guatemala (GT) 19

Dominican Republic (DO) 18

Sri Lanka (LK) 17

Panama (PA) 17

Palestinian Territory (PS) 15

Bahrain (BH) 12

Cambodia (KH) 12

Moldova, Republic of (MD) 12

Myanmar (MM) 11

Yemen (YE) 11

Malta (MT) 11

Jordan (JO) 11

Bangladesh (BD) 10

Syrian Arab Republic (SY) 10

Iceland (IS) 10

Madagascar (MG) 10

Reunion (RE) 10

Kazakstan (KZ) 10

Dominica (DM) 9

Mongolia (MN) 8

Bahamas (BS) 8

Macedonia (MK) 8

Honduras (HN) 8

Paraguay (PY) 8

Belarus (BY) 8

Trinidad and Tobago (TT) 7

Georgia (GE) 7

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (LY) 7

Oman (OM) 6

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA) 5

Nicaragua (NI) 5

Afghanistan (AF) 4

Nepal (NP) 4

Mauritius (MU) 4

Lao People’s Democratic Republic (LA) 4

French Polynesia (PF) 4

Jamaica (JM) 4

Martinique (MQ) 4

Tanzania, United Republic of (TZ) 3

New Caledonia (NC) 3

Isle of Man (IM) 3

Gibraltar (GI) 3

Virgin Islands, U.S. (VI) 2

Cyprus (CY) 2

Iraq (IQ) 2

Guadeloupe (GP) 2

Barbados (BB) 2

Djibouti (DJ) 2

Azerbaijan (AZ) 2

Namibia (NA) 2

Ghana (GH) 2

Andorra (AD) 2

Maldives (MV) 2

Albania (AL) 2

French Guiana (GF) 2

Monaco (MC) 2

Greenland (GL) 1

Armenia (AM) 1

Senegal (SN) 1

Northern Mariana Islands (MP) 1

Cayman Islands (KY) 1

Grenada (GD) 1

Saint Kitts and Nevis (KN) 1

Suriname (SR) 1

Montenegro (ME) 1

Nigeria (NG) 1

Jersey (JE) 1

I do like that American/South American/Asian/European mix at the top. Good old H!P captures a wide range of people I guess. It looks like the Saint Kitts and Nevis H!P tour is off along with the Jersey one though. 😛 I wonder what the Japanese visitors make of this (and other) western blogs? It’s strange that you are never surprised to see English speaking stars being popular in Asia. Ask the average Momusu who her favourite singer is and names like ‘Beyonce’ or ‘Christina’ or even ‘Britney’ turn up with sadly alarming regularity. Yet English speaking people liking foreign language artists is still seen as odd amongst other English speaking people for the most part. I’d love Japanese culture to become more and more popular in the west though. It looks like France is helping lead the way. Who can really resist the allure of these idols? Only the insane. There’s far too much insanity. Well I hope the Japanese visitors to these western sites enjoy seeing their fellow country(wo)men being so well liked. As I sit here with my new Ai-chan t-shirt nearby I feel so glad that I discovered H!P. Life was so boring before. You only realise that after. I was so bored before that I once contemplated listening to a Coldplay album to see if they were any good. Enough said. Long live H!P!


3 responses to “Visitors

  1. Meyouu – I only have sympathy for them. Poor misguided fools. They know not what they are missing.

    Kishiko – The campaign starts here. It’s ime for the Green’s to get H!P. Hmm…sounds like a slogan.

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