From Adults to Children…Kaito Reinya

So ignoring that last post it’s time to move onto something really good. The first episode of Reina’s new cartoon Kaito Reinya. You can download it here. I was really surprised by this. Firstly by it’s length, as at only three and a half minutes it’s not exactly a marathon. However the length probably suits it as it’s a fresh quick hit of humour and that’s the second thing that surprised me. It’s really funny. You don’t need to speak Japanese to get some of it either. The humour of the Reinya character comes across well through her actions. I particularly like her tough treatment of whatever it is her sidekick is meant to be?

Reinya herself of course is both cute and fearsome…

Anyway Reinya would seem to be some kind of criminal mastermind or somesuch. Which is great. She’s sassy, sparky and cute. Remind you of anyone? 😀


11 responses to “From Adults to Children…Kaito Reinya

  1. i really enjoyed this episode actually! it made me ;laugh. plus there’s a morning musume reference in there too. haha. it’s really good.

    when she put Chutaro (think that’s his name) in the microwave i was like “no! this is a kids program! he can’t explode!” lol! it was just his fur. haha

  2. I’m not sure if it’s his name really but I’ll go with Chutaro. Anyway his treatment and Reinya’s short temper were the highlights. I missed the MM reference though. I must need to watch it again.

  3. Oh god, this episode totally made my week complete. Loved it.

    I think they really captured Reina in this. And I’m really going to need to watch this several times around!

    Oh god. Let’s cook us some mouse for dinner!

  4. It was surprisingly good. It wasn’t the type of thing I was expecting at all. In the Reinya personality they have a really good character. It’s so Reina.

  5. the MM reference is when she’s on the computer after dropping mousey into the frying pan, and she goes “aah!” and he goes “what? has another momusu graduation been announced?” or something alog those lines. lol!

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