Hopes and Dreams for 2010

What does 2010 have in store? Well on a personal level I’m hoping to still be here this time 2011 and still employed and, you know, breathing. With all my few mental faculties still intact and as deep a love of idols Ai-chan as I have now. But what of H!P? Well here’s my dream list of 2010’s H!P (and ex-H!P) events. Some are already confirmed, others merely wishful thinking. These are in no particular order.

1. New Albums from C-ute and Morning Musume.

Already confirmed for February and March so that’s a good start. Maybe the Morning Musume one will draw a line under this version of MM and we can have some…

2. Auditions. MM needs new blood and frankly some culling. Top of my ‘to dispose of’ list would be Sayu and Mitsui.

Sayu just can’t sing and surely she has a bright future in tv now? It would seem a good time to say sayonara. As for Mitsui well she’s invisible. In terms of auditions some cute new members who LOOK ATTRACTIVE and CAN SING would be nice. I fear MM are becoming a bit irrelevant to Japanese music these days and may just end up sinking under the sheer weight of AKB48. MM needs some strong new blood.

3. S/mileage singles and album.

S/mileage will make their major debut. Hopefully they’ll be as prolific as Mano and will just churn out the goods with almost reckless abandon and glee.


Especially for Junjun, Chisato and Maeda Yuuka but also for Ai-chan again (her last one was killer after all), Reina (none last year? WTF? We need some Reina yankii style) and Kusumi Koharu (okay she’s left H!P but that hasn’t stopped Rika). Oh and a second one for Nacky late on in the year would be good too. Oh and another C-ute one. Actually that reminds me…

5. More Alo-Hello’s or at least more group pb’s and dvd’s on location. Berryz was okay and C-ute’s was great last year. MM’s last Hawaii trip was great too. With the lack of any tv shenanigans these dvd’s were a godsend.

6. Some tv shenanigans. Come on these groups need more exposure. It’s time for some fun H!P shows again. We can’t just rely on Music Fighter giving us the goods after all and anyway C-ute, Berryz and S/mileage will all need some tv loving too.

7. The triumphant return of Ongaku Gatas.

With a live tour announced hopefully we’ll also get some new cd releases. Maybe even a second album? This would be good as firstly I like Ongaku Gatas and secondly I absolutely love Konkon.

8. Some H!P in Europe. Hopefully H!P will continue to expand it’s sights to further afield and maybe we’ll get some visits over here. With Hangry & Angry playing Paris last October the possibilities that once seemed exceptionally unlikely bordering on the fantastical now seem positively merely unlikely in comparison. Dare to dream.

9. Some new Nacchi.

Well Melon Kinenbi have been busy since graduating from H!P. Maeda Yuuki got an album at last too. But what of Nacchi? Some new singles and an album would be nice. She’s got plenty more to give.

10. If, and only IF, Ai-chan were to graduate at some stage this year the absolute top priority for me would be her getting a solo career.

Hopefully any solo career would be one full of songs like Take Off Is Now! with a smattering of Yuki Ai Anata ≧ Suki types too. Basically a career that avoids an over-emphasis on slow songs (while still having some) and goes for a lot more modern and sassy songs instead. It’s what Lovely would want I reckon.

11. Mano getting back behind the piano.

More Mano is inevitable and that’s a good thing but personally with her last few singles (excepting Sekai wa Summer Party) I’ve missed her piano playing. Sekai wa Summer Party is the exception because it was just so damn good anyway.

12. Berryz Koubou to be more Dakishimete Dakishimete and less whatever the hell their last double single was. Boring Berryz are boring.

13. Buono to just carry on as they are. They hit perfection often enough so why tamper?

14. More Hangry & Angry. LOTS more.

15. More Junjun. LOTS more.


4 responses to “Hopes and Dreams for 2010

  1. I agree with most of this. Which is rather surprising, since usually when people post their wishes, mine are basically the complete opposite 😛 In particular, I fully support #2 and #12.

    What Alo-Hello (or similar release) would you expect to appear next?

    What I’d disagree with would be mostly another PB for Takahashi (enough with that already, Tsunku please note that there are also other members), and the last one.

  2. Well I think other members should get pb releases too. Especially if their name is Junjun. I’d like to see Niigaki get one as well. She’s had shockingly few. Hmm…that should have been number 16. Banning words with ‘shock’ in them. C-ute have done the shock thing to death already.

    Junjun is great. She is also very underused. I guess that’s the other big thing I want this year. More line distribution in MM and C-ute.

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