(Ex) H!P Girls Part 26 – Noto Arisa

Well it seems like the perfect opportunity for some Noto picspam. That’s because Noto Arisa’s first pb has been shared over at the Hello! Online Tracker. It’s also here if you want a direct download. All gratitude should go to the original uploader p0wd3r5n0w.

There’s something about Noto I’ve always found really charming. When she performs live she always looks like she’s enjoying it so much. It’s a captivating type of energy. It seems more natural than with a lot of members. Then there’s her presenting of the DogaDoga 7 videos where she’s just so cute. Plus of course she is in Ongaku Gatas and excepting Mano’s brief spell there she’s probably the Egg that stood out the most.


It’s great to see Nocchi getting a pb. My only complaint is that it’s too short! Anyway Noto’s first solo mini album is also on the Tracker. It’s a pleasant listen so check it out. High Speed Motion is my favourite track but I’m impressed by all five tracks. Apparently she wrote the lyrics herself. Go Nocchi!


5 responses to “(Ex) H!P Girls Part 26 – Noto Arisa

  1. I’d like that too. I’m just really pleased to see Nocchi being used. With a pb, mini-album and her Kaito Reinya guest spot it’s refreshing to see someone not disappear after leaving H!P.

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