Vote Ai-chan as your Valentine

CDTV are doing their annual vote to find the artist people would most like as their sweetheart this Valentine. Someone over at Hello! Online has provided the link to the voting form. Come on. Ai-chan was third last year. Let’s make sure she gets an equally good, if not better, position this year. All you need to do is put Lovely’s name in the top box, yours in the second box, what prefecture you’re from in the third box (just choose the bottom one which is ‘elsewhere’ basically) your gender in the fourth box and your age group in the last box. You know it makes sense. Unless that is YOU’RE INSANE. Even if you are a tad touched these pics should prove ample evidence to bring about your conviction that Ai-chan is the number 1 sweetheart…

And if all that didn’t convince you here’s a word or two from the big boss…

Do you really wanna mess with the Tsunku?


9 responses to “Vote Ai-chan as your Valentine

  1. Well Ai-chan got fourth. Not bad. @D Also Reina was fifth, Maimi was tenth (wow, well done to her) and Eri and Sayumi were a bit lower down but also in the top 20. So five of the 20 were H!P members with four Momusu members and a C-utie in the middle. Not bad. v(^_^)v

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