Okada Yui – I Doll dvd

There’s been one bit of H!P merchandise I’ve been wanting for ages but I’d always put off buying it. Yes Yui’s solo dvd, I Doll. At £30 it always seemed a bit expensive (like all Japanese dvd’s) but I am a big fan and since you never see it turning up on eBay, plus since buying brand new from a ‘proper’ internet store probably means some type of payment goes into the idol’s coffers (maybe, well hopefully) I finally decided it was time to show the ex-H!P idol some loving. Having ordered it around Christmas time (actually around her birthday I think) it took ages to come but finally I have it. YES! Ah picspam thy name is Morningtime.

That scene is just from the introduction. I’m happy already. Onto the dvd proper.

Let’s play with a ball…in a bikini…\(^o^)/ I can’t think of another idol so suited to that premise. Mind you if her solo pb/dvd career had really taken off she’d probably have a bad back by now. The girl sure knows how to bend over. In much the same way as Ai-chan knows to turn her back to the camera every five seconds.

Oh another bikini. Fancy a ride? Fnaar. And so on.

I think I need to cool down and it’s only five minutes into the dvd as well.


That Yui eh? She’s bananas.

Seriously, I have no idea what that third hand is soing there. GET YOUR HAND OF MY YUI. Not a phrase you hear everyday.

That Yui eh? She’s bananas. Ahahaha…err…that pay-off didn’t really work huh?

Her shirt says “paradise” right across her chest. This is one of those times when English writing on a Japanese top is spot on. 😀 All that walking around fruit stalls though and she didn’t once play with any melons. A chance gone begging one feels. Well a chance for me to make more obvious puns anyway.

Despite her obvious ‘assets’ and despite my inability not to go for the obvious pun I really do love Yui’s overall look. I just can’t think of anyone else who looks like her. That unique beauty mixed with her flirty and fun personality just makes her special within H!P’s history to me.

Who wears short shorts? And am I planning to go camping at some stage because I seem to have been pitching a tent for the past ten minutes?

Ah when it comes to Yui I love her so. I like her so much I think rejection from her would destroy me. Yes it’s like I have a heart of glass.


So moving swiftly on…

Ooh another bikini.

The minute or two of Yui doing modelling style posing is an indication of how good she’d be as a gravure idol. She knows how to move in an exaggerated yet still incredibly sexy way. Having said that I’m glad she didn’t go into modelling as she has more talent than just her looks. It’s a pity she isn’t singing or acting though. But tv work is better than no work I guess.

Yui can climb on board and shiver my timbers anytime. What decade is this? Is it the 1970’s again? I really shouldn’t be allowed to get away with these jokes.

Ooh another bikini.

There is nothing about this dvd I don’t like.

I refuse to make a joke about crabs. I have some standards. Admittedly very few but even so…

She sells sea shells on the sea shore. Because Tsunku couldn’t think of anything better to do with her. The soft git.

I refused to make a joke about crabs earlier. But I was itching to. Ahahahahaha. Tut.

Ooh another bikini. This one is the best yet. That classic white look. Okada Undressed in Dr. Yes.

I love both the wet hair look and the flower in the hair matching the bikini. Beautiful.

Ooh another bikini. This one is for the benefit of colour-blind wotas. Being colour blind can ruin idol dvd’s for fans. They can look at a perfectly good bikini and think it’s an awful colour as they see it as something different. So Yui has graciously volunteered to wear an astoundingly ugly bikini so that the colour-blind wota can look at it and see a nice bikini. That’s Yui’s dedication to the cause.

People sometimes say it’s a dogs life. I wish. Lucky blighter. Hug me! Hug me! Great expression by the dog in that fourth pic though. Credit where credit’s due.

Onto the making of and we get to see Yui blowing up a beach ball. Honestly she does this while making some of the most erotic sounds.

The slow pumping up and down that accompanied it was nice too. ^_^

Ooh another bikini.

And that’s the end of what is quite frankly a great dvd. Yui’s exuberance comes across really well and it’s an hour that flies by. It’s a pity this is her only solo dvd. Still there’s no shortage of bikinis (you probably didn’t notice though, right?) Also there’s plenty of goofing around at markets, on boats, on islands and so on. I’m really pleased I finally got round to buying the dvd. I think special thanks though have to go to the hard working behind the scenes crew. Especially the director and cameraman. Heroes both of them.

Yasuda and Sasaki I salute you. 😀 But not as much as I salute Okada Yui. She sure knows how to make an impression when the cameras are on her. Ah to think what we are missing now.


2 responses to “Okada Yui – I Doll dvd

  1. I think i make the Gherkin look small thanks to you… totally relevant to my interests : all three thumbs up: oh to eat melons with Okappai…

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