Shabekuri 007 – Morning Musume & OGs subtitled

HPS have subbed this Shabekuri 007 Christmas special that features the current Morning Musume and OG’s Yuko, Kaori, Yasuda, Yaguchi, Rika and Yossie. If you haven’t seen this show before it’s one Tsunku has also appeared on in the past. Anyway it’s a fun show. At the start the members get to introduce themselves one by one. Reina’s goes down particularly well…

And Mitsui gets skitted at for hers…

Meanwhile Junjun causes laughter by referring to the host as…

She sure is. Give Junjun a chance on any tv show and she takes it.

Linlin also causes laughter though by describing one of the regulars as…

Onto the OG’s and Yasuda is still the comic foil…

Meanwhile as soon as Yaguchi steps forward the all female audience emit cries of “kawaii”. Yaguchi seems to elicite the most positive vibes from people.

Anyway onto the talk part and this mainly involves the OG talking about problems they had in the group. There are three particular sections that stand out strongly to me. The first is Yaguchi talking about who she didn’t like in the group. She mentions Tsuji but when talking about the situation she then mentions there were two…

I find it interesting that Kago doesn’t get mentioned by name. Maybe H!P and ex-H!P members just aren’t allowed to? Anyway Yaguchi goes on to explain what it was like being the leader in Mini Moni which is pretty similar to what she said on the Kizuna Restaurant show a few months back.

The next interesting part comes when the OG are talking about Nacchi getting all the screen time on tv and the majority of lines in songs. When asked if the current members have these troubles Sayumi says…

Then the Chinese pair get their chance…

Poor Junjun and Linlin. It’s very true though. Although I think Sayumi is lucky to get words like “help me” to sing considering how bad her voice is.

Anyway the final part of interest relates to boyfriends. Yaguchi talks about the circumstances surrounding her leaving the group which is good to see. But the humour comes when Yossie starts talking…

Then Rika chips in with this story of a recent drinking session with Yossie…

Yossie denies she’s that way inclined but there must be plenty of fans out there having ‘interesting’ thoughts on the subject now.

Anyway the whole 38 minutes of MM & MM OG is worth watching. There’s plenty of funny and interesting stuff I haven’t touched on at all. So download it. Whether you’re a fan of the old or the new or, like me, both there’ll be something to entertain you.


10 responses to “Shabekuri 007 – Morning Musume & OGs subtitled

  1. Yes Sayumi…the person who joined after they were million sellers. If she loves the group that much she should leave so they can replace her with someone who can sing.

  2. Wow im suprised Sayu, Lin and Jun expressed how they felt about their lines. I felt as if they weren’t allowed to or something. In my head i was thinking “be careful what you say…” lol

  3. Well they have talked about it before. Junjun, Sayu and Eri were saying much the same thing on one of the Fujiwara shows. Plus Sayu has mentioned wanting more lines on Music Fighter.

  4. I downloaded this episode and you’re right. It was very entertaining shall I put it…very enlightening XD So Tsuji and Kago weren’t really the cute angels after all? I don’t know whether Mari was the evil senpai or were the twins the evildoers. We’ll never know but gathering from Kago’s recent behaviour – especially her photobooks, I wouldn’t be surprised. I think that she found in Tsuji the only friend right than in the MiniMoni era. I mean, we all know that new girls aren’t really welcomed warmly by the older members. Oh the drama, the jealousy, oh the hormones. Aibon developed a rather rebellious personality with a dash of self-destructive behaviour. Sometimes I think that she wanted to get in trouble. Sorry for the digression ^^’ Aibon is my soft spot 😀

  5. I think it was more that Kago & Tsuji were wild types. I mean just look at the numerous Mini Moni Utaban appearances. Like the time one of them put their fist into Yaguchi’s groin. :p Yaguchi and for that matter Mika were older so it must have been strange having two scamps running riot. Personally I think Kago and Tsuji were brought in to be two young terrors and once that gets them fans then it just spurs them on. Having said that I think the pressure of it all eventually took it’s toll on Kago. Being thrust into the limelight at what was MM’s virtual peak must have been hard to cope with for a 12 year old.

    It seems a shame that W ended when it did as both Kago and Tsuji were just getting started really. Some of the songs they were given were way beyond what I’d have ever expected them to get. They were still progressing and getting better and better when it all ground to a halt. It was a shame for H!P too as it lost them a good group and I don’t think Kago’s problems cast H!P in a good light.

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