I thought it was about time I posted some picspam again on purchases I’d made. Especially since I haven’t done any posts like that since HelloStoreUSA opened. So first up here’s some of the L2 sized pics I’ve gotten from them. I also got lots of the smaller pics but I’d already put them away in albums.

That’s pretty much a sign of my current H!P passions. Ai-chan is forever number 1 but Nacky-chan is C-ute’s equivalent. Meanwhile Junjun has been a fast riser during 2009. Maimi meanwhile just keeps at her same high level of idol perfection. I really need some Chisato pics soon. Oh and it’s been too long since I’ve gotten anything Reina related (mind you I’m not sure what it says about me but the Reina item I want most of all is a Kaito Reinya plushie).

I didn’t have a photoholder the right size for the L2 sized pics until this purchase off Himalia dropped through my letterbox this morning…

So now all the pics are nicely tucked into it.

Meanwhile in recent months YesAsia, CDJapan and HMV Japan have all come up trumps when it comes to photobooks…

Four absolutely stonking pb’s there. H!P has really raised the bar with it’s pb’s in the past year. It started with Ai-chan’s and just stayed at the same sizzlingly hi level for the remainder of the year. I hope 2010 continues the trend WITH A JUNJUN PHOTOBOOK PLEASE. Oh and a Chisato one too. Oh and maybe another Reina one as she didn’t have one in 2009. Alternatively just give us a Maeda Yuuka one and any three from those above three. 😀

Back to HelloStoreUSA and I got my first Junjun t-shirt a while ago. It now needs an iron mind. 😀

The import charge made it rather expensive but I don’t regret it. Next I want a Nacky one. I’d love her birthday shirt for this year as it’s quite a good design from what I’ve seen.

CD Japan had a good new year’s sale where I got a Shokotan in concert dvd quite a bit cheaper than they usually are. YesAsia meanwhile are still good too. One advantage of YesAsia is that they have a lot of older items that CD Japan don’t stock anymore. Like the Okada Yui I Doll dvd also shown in this picture..

I also got a Shokotan image dvd (not sure how to describe these things) but I can’t remember where I got it from. I must get round to watching it though. Shokotan knows how to entertain. Mind you so does Yui. 😀

Meanwhile here is a selection of recent cd’s…

Oh and there’s a Shokotan pb in there too. Anyway I love half of Hangry&Angry’s cd. I just could have lived without the Berlin vesrions of previously good songs. Also their version of The Peace! just wasn’t as good as it should have been. The Suki Chan and Bravo Bravo single V’s are both well worth getting. Great pv’s and Buono give you four different versions of theirs. Which is very generous. The C-ute cd& dvd was a decent release just for giving you a good version of the pv on it. No boring close-up for this. No it was the interesting and at times cute Zekkouchou version. Oh and finally in amongst all that Morning Muusme came out with their best single in years only for all the emos to ignore it and all the virgins to complain that it was too sexual. Which, when you consider that Morning Musume’s first ever single was all about copping off with a bloke and having ‘morning coffee’ with him the next day and their biggest ever single was all about them being ‘ love machine’s’ with nice bodies, is a bit rich (Oh and Love Machine sold over a million and a half singles and their first singles collection over two and a half million, both many MANY years before the current members appeared on the scene. Which is something Bitchyshige Sayumi should remember next time she’s shooting her mouth off).

Err…back on topic and that’s a round up of some of the stuff I’ve bought in recent months. There’s also a few e-bay purchases I’ve not covered like a few Shokotan singles and Ai-chan’s Nine Smile t-shirt (just in case I, you know…want to wear Junjun’s only in a different cover). 😀

Ah I spend too much money on this stuff. Then again I still love H!P (just not members who bitch).

Edit: All that and I didn’t even mention the signed C-ute poster. But I’m not even taking that out of it’s protective packaging again until I can figure out a way of getting it framed.


14 responses to “Purchases

  1. I also badly want a Kaito Reinya plushie, she (and they) are just adorable!

    Seconded on the Junjun and Chisato PBs, I would very much like to see those, although perhaps that C-ute PB would tide me over until HP/UFA/Wanibooks come to their senses regarding Chisato. If only I hadn’t made a vow to get one of every current Musume (who’s released one) first. Still, I’m almost there, only like one from Sayumi and Koharu (since she was a member when I made the vow). Any suggestions on which PB to get for those two?

  2. Gah! Signed C-ute poster! Edo no Temari Uta II, yes? I want one of those, but I can’t afford it right now, saving up for a new computer. But I would like to get both a C-ute and a Berryz one to go with the Kimagure Princess MM signed one I got.

    As for framing, do you not have a professional framing place anywhere near you? It costs somewhat (my MM one set me back around $75), but the results are definitely worth the price.

  3. Well for Sayu I haven’t seen too much of her last pb. It’s never been fully scanned as far as I’m aware. Love Letter (the one before last) is really good though. Hexi may have an opinion on the latest one as I think she has it.

    For Koha I think the latest one is her best. She looks amazing. However the previous one, Diary, was certainly worth having too in my opinion.

    Of course if you want to ‘try before you buy’ there’s a fair selection over at Musume-Central. 😉

  4. Woah! You have a signed Kimagure Princess poster? I’d probably put that at the top of my signed items wishlist. I love the song but I also love the way they all look in it.

    I have got the Uta one yep. Which is good as it’s the seven members I could consider my seven. Since the 8th member had already left when I discovered them.

    There must be some kind of framing place somewhere so I’ll have to look into it.

  5. Oh yes. Most definitely. It opened my eyes up to Chisato while still delivering top quality Nacky and Maimi love too. If you’re a fan of any of the C-ute members you’ll love it.

  6. where did you get that photo holder from? i would love to get one of those clear ones for my collection. also where do you get your signed products from?

  7. Both came from a seller on Hello! Online. Someone whom I’ve dealt with a lot over the years and who I trust. The vast majority of stuff I buy I get direct from places like CDJapan and YesAsia but when it comes to signed posters, photoholders and other items not sold by those kinds of places there’s no real option than to go to people with contacts in Japan who can get those kind of items.

    This is the forum I go to for that kind of stuff…

  8. Hey is your JunJun shirt size Japan Large? If it is, does it fit like an American Large? Or more like a Medium? I wanna buy a LinLin shirt real bad. Just wanna know how its gonna fit me 😀

  9. It’s Japan large yep. Which fits me quite well. It’s only a bit baggy and I normally take an English small. So it’s not gonna be at all like an American size large then!

  10. Okay cool cause im usually an american medium so a japan large will (hopefully) fit normally on me lol. but if youre a small and it fits you quite well…then im just gonna have to wait and see lmao

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