Happy Birthday Nacky

Nakajima Saki, the cutest C-utie is 16 on Friday 5th February (which is a little under 19 hours away Japanese time as I write this). Happy birthday Nacky-chan! To celebrate…


Ah 16. Welcome to the house of fun.


Nacky just gets more and more adorable. I’m really looking forward to seeing C-ute’s next live dvd as all the members get a solo. Even if their singles are Airi-centred at least during live shows the new 5nin C-ute may mean more Nacky exposure. And hopefully more exposure equals more popularity and then a second pb. 😀


3 responses to “Happy Birthday Nacky

  1. So much Nacky *-*
    Happy birthday my forever “middle” favorite C-ute member!
    Just can’t decide if I like her more than the others or not. >_<

  2. I do. She’s number one for me. Although I like them all. C-ute have the image of such a close-knit group. It’s part of their charm really. They’ve grown up together after all.

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