It’s Junjun’s birthday on 11th February. Also it’s Chun Li’s. Funny coincidence that. Anyway to celebrate the 22nd birthday of my second favourite current Momusu member here is the Junjun version of the Kimagure Princess pv subtitled. It’s basically Junjun looking at the camera alluringly a lot. Which is nice. Well more than “nice” actually. “Nice” doesn’t do ”Junjun looking at the camera alluringly” justice. “Nice and I’m going all gooey” probably suits it more. Well regardless, here also is a subbed live performance of Junjun and Linlin performing Fine Emotion at the Platinum 9 Disco Tour. Oh and as usual some picspam. This time full of Chinese flavour. Mmm…anyone fancy some Chinese? I wouldn’t mind a little nibble. (^_^)

Junjun looks so good. Add to that her funny personality and we have idol win. Just why has she not had a photobook yet though? It’s strange. In fact it’s more than strange, it’s insane. Well I hope she has a great birthday and I hope she gets to have a photobook shoot sometime soon too. (^_~)


12 responses to “Junwon

  1. Hey if you don’t mind sharing…what program do you use to sub your videos? I’ve been looking for an easy program to sub some of my videos with. Thanks 🙂

  2. Well I use virtualdubmod to create the actual finished article. It’s a free programme and is available here… http://sourceforge.net/projects/virtualdubmod/files You’d need the virtualdubmod all inclusive zip. I use subtitle workshop to do the timings and create the actual subtitle text files. http://www.videohelp.com/tools/Subtitle_Workshop again it’s a free programme. There’s also a programme called vobsub that goes in the virtualdubmod directory and lets you create the subs. There’s a link to it and a step by step guide here… http://forum.videohelp.com/threads/214768-How-to-add-permanent-subtitle-to-a-video-with-virtualdubmod

    Of course I am not that experienced and others may prefer other programmes. The one thing I will say is a small drawback with virtualdubmod is you need to search Google for a lot of plug-in filters. For instance it needs an xvid filter if you want that format, a h264 one, one to do lame mp3’s and so on. They are all easily available with a simple Google search though.

  3. Ah I’ve heard of these programs before just never learned how to use them. I’ll give it a shot then! Thanks!

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  5. If you were wondering how my subtitle adventures were going…

    And no i didnt use virtualdubmod lol it was way too complicated for me haha

  6. But I must admit the program isnt free. We’ll you can get it for free through a torrent or something but that’s your call lol.

  7. Yeah well at least with Virtualdubmod I kind of am used to it now so I’ll probably stick with that. It’s just you need some kind of degree to understand all the settings for encoding. :p

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