H!P: The Board Game

Have you ever wanted to be a H!P idol? Well now thanks to this new board game* from Morningtime Brilliant Games you can be. Live the idol life of ups and downs as you aim to work your way through the board to get to the top. I mean the board game obviously. I mean you don’t have to perform sexual favours to the board of directors or anything. Although that may possibly explain how someone as awful as Matsuura Aya stayed at the top for so long.
Anyway start at square 1 (well picture 1) and see how far you can get.

* Board not actually provided…obviously. I mean this is a computer screen. What do you expect? Okay I called it a “board game” but that wasn’t meant to be taken literally. “Michishige Sayumi is an awful singer”. That should be taken literally. “Berryz Koubou are really boring 90% of the time”. You can take that as being meant literally too. The board game thing? No. There. I hope that’s cleared that up.

20 responses to “H!P: The Board Game

  1. Man, I can’t even imagine how long that took to create but it brilliant.

    I do have to say that you’re a bit too hard on Mitsui Aika sometimes…I mean, some of the blame has to go to her parents for having her and the H!P machine for irresponsibly putting her where she is.

    See? It’s not all her fault. Now, the stupid faces she makes sometimes…well, that’s all her fault. And the stupid week of Yorosen! when she just showed a bunch of pictures of hanging out with all the other dogs at the petshop…yeah, I’ll blame that one on her too.

    But the fact that she’s still a Momusu member is clearly not her own doing and her parents are to blame for the gigantic forehead…and maybe for the hair that no stylist has yet been able to kill.

    As for the last square? Well, everyone has their own final square.

    Thanks a bunch – I really got a kick out of that whole thing. Btw, sorry I’ve been lurking lately and haven’t had any time to comment.

  2. wow i would so willing to make this into a pdf file for some type of board game if you want. of course i would wanna make it more professional but yeah thats great that you came up with something as creative as this

  3. Clocutron – Yeah you’re so right. It’s not all Mitsui’s fault. I think Tsunku had been at the sake when he chose the winner for that audition.

    And everyone does have their own final square. Their own ultimate idol. For me it was a toss up between Sexy Beeeeeeam and Lovely.

    Cheta1985 – You can do anything you want with it!

    • i mean for like all the people that come to the site. they could actually download the pdf and get it printed out so they could actually play it. the thing is that i dont know every single person i the pics so i would need help with that and some of the pics dont have text on em

  4. Ah I see. Yeah some of the pics don’t have text, just numbers, as I was doing it like those board type games you used to get on the back of selection boxes or in books where some squares are just normal and some move you forward or back.

    Who don’t you know? Number 10 is an Egg called Kitahara Sayaka, and number 12 is Okai Asuna (Chisato’s kid sister). 3 is Shugo Chara Egg, 7 is Hirano Tomomi and 8 is IceCream Musume. I think they were the most obscure ones. Oh and 3 is a young Noto Arisa.

    • ok cool ill start working on it. wanna do me a favor and come up with a couple last boxes of different members. you have the ai version but there should be a couple others too and it can be the leaders of different groups maybe?

  5. ROFL, this is great XD Esp. with the Yaji alternative ending 😀

    “Matsuura Aya wants to sacrifice you to the Devil”
    “You’ve been described as the next Mitsui Aika”
    “Disaster. Suzuki Airi wants all your lines”
    – and the Kemeko ones are my favorites ^_^

    On a side note, would you like to trade links w/ my pseudo-blog? 😛

    • LOL, thanx, added you as well.

      I actually played this game w/my co-blogger 😛 My result was #52, and his #51 (assuming 50-55 are the “result” fields) and he got both Kemekos on the way, LOL.

  6. Then Kemeko is like the evil monkey in his closet. Or that woman from the Ring. Just when he least expects it here she comes.

    Poor Yasuda. Mind you it was the ribbing that made her so well known, thanks to Utaban.

  7. I did think of several Mitsui endings but even I thought they were far too cruel. I mean I don’t actually hate the girl or anything. I just don’t think she’s a good idol. But yeah more endings…I may revisit this topic sometime and do a few more. There was a Momoko one I thought of…

  8. just wanna ask for #34, you mentioned nacci stay over at male singer’s house, may I make sure where was this news came from? I know she plagiarising and hit a motorcyclist, but I didnt know that one.

  9. It’s a well known story. I think her excuse was that they were playing on his Playstation. 😀 Anyway you can check the story out here…

    I actually am a big fan of Nacchi I should add. I have all her albums and loads of her singles. Even so she came through that whole plagiarism scandal mainly due to her popularity beforehand. A less popular artist may have gone under. I reckon stealing other people’s work is worse than smoking underage. Not that I approve of either.

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