New Purchases

Quite a few deliveries arrived via the trusty postie this week so I thought I’d make a post showing them. Because I love owning this stuff and the thrill when a package arrives is great! You just can’t beat supporting the artists and the thrill of holding an item in your hands.

So I finally got my hands on Mano’s Introduction concert, her Friends LE album, the Morning Musume Kimagure Princess multi covers cd (I already had one of the cd/dvd versions) and C-ute’s See Ya Erika dvd (as it should be called). I really like the different Kimagure Princess covers. Just for the variety in type of merchandise really. I’d love to see some photobook cd single extras again, but if not then more interesting packaging like this would be good.

The good side of the pics there. I really love the outfits for KP and you really can’t go wrong when you shove some flames in there. Sadly Mitsui’s flames don’t engulf her so I won’t show the other side of the cards.

I also got some pics delivered from a seller on H!O. As usual I’m in a Lovely type of mood…

With just a hint of Konkon…

Mmm…Konkon…chubby-cheeked goodness.

Then today I got a parcel from CDJapan…

Oh YES! S/mileage heaven. aMa no Jaku cd and the Asu wa Deeto na no ni Ima Sugu Koe ga Kikitai and Suki Chan single V’s. This makes my S/mileage collection up to date…

The complete collection of single V’s and cd’s there. Kawaii! And bloody catchy too. Now I have me some S/mileage making of’s to catch up on. S/mileage sound good and look good too. I just love the style of outfits they are given. They always make an impact…


2 responses to “New Purchases

  1. What’s the Mano concert like? I’ve been tempted to grab copy but kinda put off because it’s… well… a Mano concert XD
    Is the case for different to a regs DVD? It looks kinda different in the pic, lol I really love a bit of ‘different’ packaging.

  2. I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. I’ve got to get round to watching that and a Shokotan one as well.

    The packaging is just a slip case with the normal dvd inside. Since the cover to the normal dvd is exactly the same I’m not sure what the point is.

    There’s plenty of clips of the concert on Youtube. Including this one of Sekai wa Summer Party (not sure why she’s crying. Happiness at the warm response I’d guess. Looks like an encore).

    Also there’s this one of Otome No Inori.

    There’s also a S/mileage one of them performing aMa no Jaku.

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