S/mileage Go Internet Crazy

Everyone’s new favourite H!P group S/mileage have gone ever so slightly gaga over internet use. Yes each individual member now has their own Twitter page. That’s right, Maeda Yuuka, Kago Ai Fukuda Kanon, Ogawa Saki and Wada Ayaka are all now on Twitter. Also the S/mileage staff have a Twitter page. I’m not sure what they Tweet about though. Health and Safety regulations being stupid? So and so from this section is having an affair with so and so from that section? What someone got up to on a staff night out?

Anyway as if that wasn’t enough Maeda Yuuka, Fukuda Kanon, and Ogawa Saki also have blogs. I haven’t come across Wada’s yet so if someone knows of a current live blog of hers please let me know. Ahem..and Wada’s is here ((thanks lord_jagganath)


Meanwhile the pv to the next S/mileage single, Otona ni Narutte Muzukashii!!! is up on Youtube.

Anyway to celebrate have some picspam…of Maeda.

Oh okay then here’s a few pics of the others…

Kawaii huh? YES!

Finally here is S/mileage performing their debut single aMa no Jaku from the Mano Erina Introduction concert. Subtitled in Engliash and romaji.


7 responses to “S/mileage Go Internet Crazy

  1. So far they’ve been counting each hour of the morning lol. Can’t remember who it was but it was so adorable when she said that ‘niji’ isn’t only for 2am but also for rainbow I awww’d XD

  2. Their Twitter accounts are boring. I prefer to follow Yui.
    Their music isn’t addicting either but man, their PVs are cute! Damn cute. Go girls, make me a happy wota!

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  4. Well, I can’t read their blogs, tweets, or website so…meh. But I do think it’s awesome they’re pushing S/mileage like this. I have a lot of hope for this group and I think they can really go somewhere if the momentum keeps building like it has so far.

  5. Kyliecat – Yui’s Twitter is great. So many cute pics.

    Clocutron – I have high hopes for S/mileage too. I’ve loved their singles so far and their image is super cute. I often criticise the H!P management for various things but so far with this group they haven’t put a foot wrong.

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