Cruel Angels

It’s the hot topic that everyone* is talking about. Yes The Cruel Angels, the western Youtube girls making it big in Japan (according to the Guardian). But what do you think? Love them? Hate them? Don’t care? Unsure? Well let Morningtime run you through the Cruel family.

First off of course is the girl that started it all. Yes Magibon. But she’s not a Cruel girl and she doesn’t dance so moving on and we have the Cruel 3 Beckii, Gemma and Sarah. They have a recording contract in Japan as The Cruel Angels. But who are they? Well Beckii is a 14 year old girl from the Isle of Man…

She’s already had a solo dvd called This Is Beckii Cruel plus a solo song with a cover of Danjo.

Gemma Cruel is a fox…

She’s 16 and from Portsmouth, wears great clothes and has the cutest voice ever. Check it out…

Now that’s what I call cute. She also says her favourite female idol is Tanaka Reina so kudos for that. Plus she has tons of H!P music in her favourites on Youtube, including vuden. So this girl ROCKS. And she also has the MMIF subbed version of Maimi and Nacchi’s pv 16 Sai no Koi Nante favourited (this was uploaded by ShyAngel1333 who is great. She has this blog and is always really encouraging about my subs…I don’t care if this is totally off-topic 😀 ).

The third member is Sarah…

An unprepossessing girl of some age or another (18?) who is American but lives in France…I think.

But that’s not all because as well as the Cruel Angels there are also the Cruel Girls (well aren’t they all?) The official Cruel girls as far as I can make out are Johanna, Kimi (who is actually the ginger one from Girls Aloud surely?)…

Maxine, Amanda, Pamela, Bekah, Karen, Daddy Cruel…

Harry Cruel…

(A rare picture there. He’s actually touching a ball. Okay not with his feet but even so he’s touching it. More than he ever did in the Premier League).

Oh and the final member is of course Cruel De Vil…

Anyway what the Cruel Girls are all about is yet to be seen. They seem like Cruel Eggs at the moment. Meanwhile the Cruel Angels have released their debut single Tsubasa wo Kudasai…

So what does the future hold for the Angels? In ten years could there be blogs called things like Crueltime, WotakuruelNow and Cruel Blog where people discuss whether the latest Cruel generation is better or worse than the previous one and just why did Koharu Kruel leave so soon anyway? Or will this all just have been forgotten about as a strange, short-lived Japanese interest in those weird westerners who like Japanese music? Certainly it’d be interesting to know what the girls themselves think of their ‘fame’ in Japan. After all these are girls who dance to young Japanese pop groups and whose core fanbase in Japan will be older males. Would they want similar fans in the west? And what would any success mean to western fans of idols? Will bloggers self-censor their thoughts as the people being talked about are ones who actually can understand English and could read what we say? I’m kind of guessing Shirow over at Wotakunow won’t but others might.

Anyway the one thing we should be thankful for is that hate them or love them or, like me, just not really be that fussed yet one way or the other, at least they are helping show the Japanese public and more importantly Japanese record companies that there is a western fanbase for their music. Anything that gets attention in Japan onto western fans of groups such as Morning Musume must be good surely?

*By “everyone” I really mean some people on the internet. But if The Guardian can say they’re expected to top the charts then I can use the term “everyone” just as loosely.

Do not adjust your monitor. Morningtime will return with his normal menu of H!P and a side-salad of Shokotan shortly. This Cruel Angels post has just been a minor blip.


7 responses to “Cruel Angels

  1. I agree. It’s just nice that they present the western fanbase. Plus I’m so jealous of them. Beckii recently met Sayumi 😀 Their single is of poor quality (although the PV seems decently emo) and I doubt that they will take over Japan any time soon.
    But Beckii’s version of Danjo is awesome 😀 Positively crazy

  2. Personally I find the Danjo song too weird even for me (and I like Koha’s solo stuff). I do quite like the Cruel Angels single though. In a mellow way. The voices take a bit of getting used to though.

  3. Uhm. well. Kudos for trying, but my personal opinion is that my repeatedly smashing my head against a concrete wall would make better music.
    BUT, thats just my crazy head…

  4. Not Japanese?
    Her voice (are there supposed to be other persons in this video?) needs improvement.

    ” ‘t’s sound funny”
    But the music sounds calming overall (-vocals).

    I doubt they’ll make it really big, but I do believe in a little fanservice.

    And, “Cruel Angels” sounds kinda cool, they might work in the anime world.

  5. The music is quite calming and catchy. I think the song could have been far worse.

    The name does sound cool.

    I guess maybe there’s a market in Japan for them but I’m not sure how big that market is.

  6. I don’t like them because there are better singer-dancers on YouTube from the UK and Europe that are better than them especially Beckii.

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