Hangry & Angry in the UK (and Berlin, Paris & Helsinki)

Finally it’s going to happen. Someone good is coming to the UK…

Yes Hangry&Angry have announced a quick European tour. They’re playing in Berlin 23 May, Helsinki 24 May, trendyindykidswankersville (a.k.a. Camden) 27 May and Paris 29 May. Tickets can be ordered here.

That’s not all though as in a further nod to those of us who speak English Hangry&Angry have put lots of English subtitled video clips on their Facebook page.

Also by coincidence my Angry plushie came today. It’s great. As a huge Rika/Charmy fan I thought it was fitting to get a plushie in a pink hoodie. ^_^

The only way this day gets any better is if I win the Lotto tonight!

Now I need to figure out how to get from the northwest of England down to Camden and back again while spending as little money as possible. I’m thinking huge drive down and back again on the same day. But then parking in London and London traffic…hmm.

Totally off-topic but welcome to a new member of the Morningtime family. This is Konkon the rabbit…

For some reason when I told Hexi she thought I was joking. Not sure why. Anyway Hexi I also bought a sheep. I’ve called her HiTsuji…

Okay that is clearly a joke. Here is my real sheep…


6 responses to “Hangry & Angry in the UK (and Berlin, Paris & Helsinki)

  1. you just don’t seem the kinda person i get a rabbit….. that’s all…. 😛

    and on a side note: OMFG HANGERY AND ANGRY IN LONDON!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Why would I not get a rabbit? What type of person do you think I am? I love animals (although not in an illegal sense I should add. I’m not Debbie McGee).

    By the way did you hear? HANGRY & ANGRY IN LAHNDAN APPLES AND PEARS.

  3. you know, i’d heard people talking about it but it didn’t make much sense. could you repeat that? XD

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