H!P Girls Part 27 – Okai Chisato

Now I may be easily led and I may have a mind of only several tracks but recently one member of C-ute has been rising and rising in my estimations. It all started with a certain GREAT photobook and dvd last year.

Now I already hold Nacky as my number 1 in C-ute and I find Maimi to be like some kind of super-idol but looking through the pb and watching the dvd I kept getting distracted by Chisato. When did she become so…bloody attractive? Her personality always seemed a little grumpy but in an entertaining way. Like her Yorosen week being all about getting one over on Maimi. It was funny and you can’t help sort of rooting for her even though you were hoping Maimi would come out on top. I like a good strong personality and Chisato isn’t afraid to let her moods show. I also think it helps a group as a whole be more entertaining. Like having Yuko or Yossie in Momusu. But it wasn’t until I saw C-ute’s Hawaii work that it suddenly dawned on me that Chisato has more than just personality. She has charm and beauty in her own unique and damn alluring way. Since then whenever I check out any pics of hers she never fails to impress. So here be picspam by way of proof…

How come Chisato is the only current C-ute member not to have had a photobook of her own yet? She is very photogenic. Her expressions are mesmerising. Even when she looks moody she looks really interesting. 2010 should be the year of H!P photobook justice. We need Chisato, Junjun and maybe even Captain to get pb releases. Here’s hoping.


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