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You may remember that a little over a week ago I posed the questions that everyone was asking. Well now the results are in. So who do the majority of Momusu fans want to vomit in their mouth? Just who would you save from a bus teetering over the edge of a cliff? One of Berryz/C-ute or let them all fall? And just who would you prefer in Momusu? Mitsui or Beckii Cruel? Well read below to find out…

Who let the dog out?

Well as at 02:30 am on 7 March 179 of you voted and the results were…

Tsunku: 104 votes

Mr & Mrs Mitsui 75 votes.

So with a healthy 58% of the votes it’s all Tsunku’s fault. It’s the way I voted too.

Who would you rather see in Morning Musume? Mitsui Aika or Beckii Cruel?

There was an interesting split here. The results were…

Mitsui Aika 110 votes (53%)

Beckii Cruel 23 votes (11%)

Kill me now 76 votes (36%)

Well the fact that nearly as many people would rather be dead, or have Beckii Cruel in Momusu, than have Mitsui there I’ll take as some sort of justification for my tough stance on her. Tough on Mitsui and tough on the causes of Mitsui (Tsunku apparently).Personally I’d take the Beckii Cruel option just because I don’t want to die. I’m just being practical really.

Who would you rather have vomit in your mouth?

Yes this is the most hotly anticipated result. The debate has raged for years. Just who would you have spewing up their undigested lunch in your mouth? You bloody weirdo. Well the results are…

Ai-chan 20% (31 votes)

Gaki-san 17% (26 votes)

Odd Turtle 14% (22 votes)

Cute Bunny 14% (21 votes)

Junwon 14% (21 votes)

Linlin 9% (14 votes)

Sexy Cat 7% (11 votes)

Mitsui Aika 4% (6 votes)

I went for Lovely and so did more of you than went for any other single member. However I’m somewhat surprised at Reina’s low standing. Still it was nice to see Junjun get a good turnout.

Who is the best current member of Momusu?

Well 137 of you voted and the results were…

Ai-chan 7% (9 votes)

Lovely 7% (9 votes)

Takahashi Ai 6% (8 votes)

Tettekete 16% (22 votes)

All of the above 65% (89 votes)

So everyone was a winner sort of.

You’re on a coach with Berryz Kobo and it’s balanced on the edge of a cliff like in The Italian Job. You can get off but you can only save one member. Who?

For some reason this poll disappeared at some stage from the post. No idea why. Even so enough of you voted and the results were…

Captain 40 21%

Momoko Insanity Batshit Tsugunaga 39 21%

Miyabi 28 15%

Let them fall 22 12%

Chinami 17 9%

Risako 15 8%

Maasa 14 7%

Yurina 13 7%

I went for Captain too. I’m a bit surprised that I agree with the majority on so much here. But look how close it was at the top between Captain and Batshit Insanity. Just one vote in it. Meanwhile there are more of you who would let them all fall than would rescue Chinami (shame on you), Risako, not-so-Sumo-anymore Maasa and Baseball Bear girl. Mostly that’s understandable.

Same question. You can only save one member but this time it’s C-ute. Who?

Airi 29% (51 votes)

Yajima Maimi’s thighs (and by extension the rest of her). 26% (45 votes)

Chisato 20% (36 votes)

Let them fall. I am a heartless person and don’t know what true love is. 11% (19 votes)

Nacky-chan 10% (18 votes)

Bobble-head 4% (7 votes)

You heartless bastards. More people would let everyone die than would save Nacky? And just why was the cutest C-utie so low down anyway? Airi was perhaps predictably the winner. Just edging out Maimi’s thighs (and probably copping a bit of a feel as she did so). At least it was nice to see a lot of Chisato love too though.

Which Momusu member past and present does/did the best photobooks?

191 of you voted and the winner was?

Takahashi Ai 18% (34 votes)

Michishige Sayumi 13% (25 votes)

Kamei Eri 12% (22 votes)

Ishikawa Rika 11% (21 votes)

Kusumi Koharu 10% (19 votes)

Tanaka Reina 8% (16 votes)

Niigaki Risa 7% (14 votes)

Konno Asami 5% (10 votes)

Goto Maki 3% (6 votes)

Yasuda Kei (I’m insane and/or blind or else just plain kinky) 3% (6 votes)

Kago Ai 3% (5 votes)

Yoshizawa Hitomi 2% (4 votes)

Abe Natsumi 2% (3 votes)

Nakazawa Yuko 2% (3 votes)

Iida Kaori 1% (2 votes)

Ogawa Makoto 1% (1 votes)

Tsuji Nozomi 0% (0 votes)

So Ai-chan’s pert derriere rumps…romps to victory quite comfortably. Although I love her Ainess I actually voted for Reina as her unique face, coupled with her great style really makes her pb’s something special. Also towards the top were Bitch Shige Sigh Yummy, Koha and Rika. Can’t argue with any of them. Their pb’s are damn hot. Looking at the bottom (no I’m not talking about Ai-chan again) and it’s clear now would be a bad time for me to sell that Tsuji pb I don’t want. Seriously though…more people think Yasuda the sweat monster does better pb’s than Nacchi? You kinky sods.

Which current H!P member without a pb release so far should get one next?

Despite my recent blog post praising Chisato-chan there is only one sensible answer to this.

Junjun 41% (46 votes)

Shimizu Saki 18% (20 votes)

Linlin 12% (13 votes)

Mitsui Aika 7% (8 votes)

Okai Chisato 8% (9 votes)

Yuuka Maeda 6% (7 votes)

Fukuda Kanon 4% (5 votes)

Ogawa Saki 2% (2 votes)

Wada Ayaka 2% (2 votes)

Well it seems a very healthy number of you agree with me. Junjun MUST have a pb NOW. Also Mitsui came last of the Momusu three. Justice! Junjun had more than twice the votes of second placed Captain who herself was quite a few clear of Linlin. Meanwhile of the S/mileage 4 Maeda is understandably top of the tree just ahead of Kanon. Although surely when it comes to taking good photos if anyone can Kanon can?

I’ll get my coat.

Best single by a crackhead?

Balalaika 34% (61 votes)

Hapi Hapi Sunday! 30% (54 votes)

Koi Kana 15% (27 votes)

Papancake 9% (17 votes)

Chance! 7% (13 votes)

Happy 4% (7 votes)

I ‘ve always held Chance! as her best song but even I had to pause to think about it as eventual winner Balalaika is damn good too. Even so I’m surprised both at Chance’s low position and Papancake beating both Chance and Happy. Some mistake surely? Hapi Hapi Sunday wasn’t far behind in second place. Koha’s solo career (temporarily?) ended on a high.

So it’s onto the final question. How old are you?

17 – 24 64% (128 votes)

25 – 30 14% (27 votes)

Under 16 12% (23 votes)

Over 40 (but you’re only as young as your ogling right?) 6% (11 votes)

31 – 35 4% (7 votes)

36 – 40 2% (3 votes)

Quite a clear demographic there. The majority of you are…younger than me. Mind you I didn’t realise so many people 16 or under read this blog. Perhaps I should tone down the language? Let’s try this. Ahem…M*tsui A*ka. Yeah that could work.

4 responses to “Poll Results

  1. Yo, Takahashi, I’m happy for you and I’mma let you finish but Fujimoto Miki had the best photobooks of all time. OF ALL TIME.

  2. Beckii will be their western idol girl. H!P is bound to add one soon and what better way to find one than through Youtube? Big Nose Musume will happen. It’s just a matter of when?

    I agree though. Scary thought.

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