S/mileage, Hangry & Angry – Help Needed!

Have you ever wanted to play a more active part in the careers of your favourite idols? Well now you can. Sort of. Firstly as you probably know S/mileage need 10,000 smiling pics in order to get their major debut. This must happen. This group are wonderful. Just check out their three great singles so far…

All three singles have been hugely enjoyable. This group needs it’s major label debut. Help them out by uploading a smiling photo of yourself and sending it to their record company. Apparently they will use the pics in a mosaic so you can be a tiny part of H!P history. The link is here. The form looks like this…

The top box is your e-mail address, the next box is your age, then female or male and finally whether you want to receive a mailing something or another. Click the bottom box and you get taken to a page where you can upload your pic. Do it for the love of all things idol. They need your help. Don’t make Maeda cry! How could you resist four such cute and happy girls with such promising careers?

Meanwhile Hangry&Angry want your help to win a Japan Expo 2010 Award…

The voting form is here.

I have to say I love this group. Top Secret was pretty much my favourite song of the past year or so. I can’t wait to see them in Lahndahn at the end of May!

Don’t make IshiYossie pissed off. Support these two idol legends. After all they’re probably the most travelled H!P members of all. Repay their effort.


8 responses to “S/mileage, Hangry & Angry – Help Needed!

  1. Voted for H&A. Even though I am not a fan of the style they represent, nor have I ever liked Ishikawa 😛 But, unlike s/mileage, I believe they do deserve a vote.

  2. I looove Hangry&Angry and their music is sickkk. Probably because Rika and Yossie are the greatest team ever!

  3. Yeah I think all that time they have spent together over the years makes them a really strong team. Well that and their own unique personalities. I hope they do lots more. A pb would be good.

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