Good Luck and Well Done!

Just a quick post to wish Miyabi the best of luck this coming Friday…

Also here’s wishing Mitsui a good race…

But we can already congratulate Mitsui for one surprise success…

She beat the AKB girls so that’s a brilliant result.

Meanwhile Sayumi has been seen practising for a new career as a sumo wrestler…

That picture was during a very early training session and you may be forgiven for thinking she isn’t taking it seriously enough. However this next picture shows just how much she’s beefed herself up…

One can only hope she makes a better ‘fist’ of it than her previous attempt at sporting prowess…

Beckii Cruel took an easy victory. Although to be fair Sayumi tripped over her own feet coming out of her corner at the start of round one and knocked herself out. Even so I think in her new career she’ll make a really good Sayumo wrestler.

Well my Eri post was the 400th blog post and it had no humour. I had to cook something up quick to redress this oversight.


6 responses to “Good Luck and Well Done!

  1. Well to be fair the journey over from Japan must be tiring. All that time spent in a horsebox can’t be the best preparation.

    You wouldn’t think I really like her would you? 😛

    • Good point, that will affect her performance.

      I do not know whether you like her or not, the more important question is – did you bet on her? 😀

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