Kamei Eri – DAMN Sweet!

She’s not always been my favourite member. I find her sometimes a bit too coy and when you put her with Michishige the two of them are just too into themselves for my tastes. Even so Kamei Eri does have a very weird sense of humour which I like. Oh and she does have her sweet side as has been seen at times in her Haromoni@ interminably long throwing challenges. Also I did enjoy her Phuket Love-Hello dvd. She does do good photobooks sometimes too. I say sometimes as I don’t always like her hair and it does make a big difference to her overall look. To me Eri never looked better than when she had short hair. Even so I recently purchased her new pb Sweet. I have to say H!P’s pb’s have been great over the past year. There have been some very hot pb’s such as Ai-chan’s Watashi and Koha’s Sugar Doll. Then of course there have been some cute one’s. C-ute’s and Nacky-chan’s spring happily to mind. Well with Eri’s Sweet the good run continues. This pb is definitely more towards the hot side but with a happy vibe which I personally like. Anyway I’ve trawled the net for some good examples so enjoy!

There’s some really striking pics there. However my favourite one of all is this one…

I just love the expression on her face. Anyway as is usual for H!P pb’s this is well worth purchasing. Hopefully soon we’ll get the chance to see some members who haven’t yet had a pb get one though. I’d love to see a Junjun one or a Chisato one. Having said that I’d love to see another Ai-chan one this year and last year was Reina-free and her pb’s are the best. Still a bit of turtle will tide me over nicely for now.


3 responses to “Kamei Eri – DAMN Sweet!

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  2. I know this has been here for a while but I’m just now getting around to commenting…

    I’ve always thought Eri was beautiful. I’ll agree she doesn’t always show the best personality but she’s still my 2nd MM favorite. So, thanks for the boatload of picspam.

    Just got my preordered 10 My Me [CD+DVD] today – looking forward to your review, Morningtime.

  3. I ordered my 10 My Me the other day from YesAsia so I’ll probably have it by Christmas. 😀

    As for Eri I think she’s at her most beautiful when her kooky side comes out. I just find the spoilt childish parts of her personality a bit of a turn off.

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