Hello! Blog’s Hello!Project 2010 Poll

Yes it’s that time of year again when Ai-chan should rightfully ride to victory for it’s the return of PTom’s annual Hello! Project poll. This is the highlight of the H!P blogging year. It’s like the online Oscars only more relevant, interesting and frankly better looking. This year thanks to HelloStoreUSA/JapanFiles there’s even prizes for random entrants. The prizes being…

* 2 x USA CD release of Morning Musume’s “10 My Me”

* 2 x USA CD release of Morning Musume’s “Platinum 9 DISC”

* 2 x USA CD release of Morning Musume’s “Shouganai Yumeoibito”

* 2 x USA CD release of Hangry & Angry’s “Sadistic Dance”

* 2 xUSA CD release of Hangry & Angry’s “Kill Me Kiss Me”

* 5 x $20.00 JapanFiles Digital Music Store gift certificates

* 5 x $10.00 HelloStoreUSA gift certificates

This year you first of all have to rank all the current H!P members from 1 to 25. Which I did thus…

Then you have to rank the groups. Here’s my vote…

In terms of the order of the members I found number one as easy as always. Ai-chan is my favourite ever H!P member so it’s a foregone conclusion from me. The next few places are more competitive though. Really any one of the next five could be the number two. I’ve gone with Nacky-chan because she’s been my favourite C-ute member for ages and I always find her mesmerising when performing. Like with Ai in Momusu and Yuuka in S/mileage (or in the background of Mano pv’s) I find myself constantly gazing at her (and possibly sighing at her charm and beauty). When I can’t take my eyes off someone that’s the true sign of wota adoration. Even so Junjun and Reina have enough Momusu moments to challenge for second spot. I just reckon that with all the members on stage together then after Ai it’d be Nacky I’d be gazing at. She’s just so cute and adorable. Junjun takes third through being A. Really funny, B. Really pretty and C. NOREALLY FUNNY. She was the fast rising H!P star of 2009 and so deserves third spot. I ummed and ahhed over the next few spaces before deciding that Reina through the years has always done enough to deserve a top five place. I had to put Yuuka in there too though as she makes the already catchy and cute S/mileage absolutely shine. I feel a bit bad for Chisato being in sixth however as if the majority of 2009 saw Junjun in the ascendency then the latter half of 2009 and start of 2010 belongs to Chisato. Photobook NOW!

Mind you Junjun deserves a photobook too. I really hope they both get one soon! After that the always cute and lively Chinami, the super-idol that Tsunku engineered in a lab Maimi, the solo singer who is the future Queen of H!P Mano and the sometimes annoying but sometimes really funny and most times very attractive Eri took the final top 10 spots.

The other S/mileage girls came a bit low down but that’s more to do with me still ascertaining their personalities. I feel confident that this time next year they’ll all be higher.

Last place? Well it was a tough one and who am I kidding? 😀 Really there’s only one current H!P member I really don’t like and it’s M*tsui A*ika.

As for the ordering of the groups this was tough. Do we go on just the past year? I decided yes. Even so Momusu still romped to victory. Okay apart from Kimagure Princess…sorry…the EXCELLENT Kimagure Princess their singles were a bit sucky or boring (the last one was okay though) but last year saw Platinum 9 Disc and that gave us the brilliant Take Off Is Now! and SONGS. Oh and the beautiful Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou? and sexy Michishige solo effort It’s You. And even though that album was actually released last March just before the last poll they then spent the rest of the year touring these songs so that counts. It totally does! I have ordered 10 My Me but haven’t received it yet but based on most reviews (singles bad, album tracks good) it should only confirm my positioning.

Number two was interesting. C-ute over the history of all the groups are number two but based on the past year they have misfired a lot. However S/mileage have a real buzz about them. I’ve loved all three singles so far and the three pv’s too. All the girls are exceptionally cute and I even sent in a smiling picture of myself in a hopefully not vain attempt to help them get the 10,000 smiles needed to get their major debut. Now let me tell you two things I don’t like doing are smiling (I just don’t have a natural smile) and having my picture taken so that’s a sign of my belief in this group. Best thing to happen to H!P in ages. For third I went with Buono. I still haven’t heard We Are Buono yet but their singles have been as excellent as ever. This placed C-ute down to fourth just ahead of becoming boring Mano (I like her but recent singles have been a let down) and always boring Berryz (Dakishimete Dakishimete being the one true exception. Although the pv to their Watashi no Mirai no Dannasama single is full of great moments and they all look hot). Last place was an obvious choice and if Guardians 4 don’t finish last overall I will go out, buy a hat and eat it.

Anyway who will triumph in each poll overall? Well it’s down to everyone so please go and vote. You never know you may even win a prize!


6 responses to “Hello! Blog’s Hello!Project 2010 Poll

  1. I like the way you analyzed the idols and groups in the last year to order your top favorites. It made me think about the idols and how I should rank them in my vote 🙂

  2. Like lionmaster44 said, I also liked your analysis of H!P groups and idols for the past year. I definitely disagree with you in places and my vote came out way different than yours (except Aika – 25th in my ranking as well) but I’m not sure I put as much into my decisions as you did.

    My #1 is pretty far down your list but your Lovely placed 7th in mine so…to each his own I guess. I suppose that’s the whole point of the poll that opinions can vary so much.

    As for groups, I ranked Momusu, Buono!, C-ute, and Guardians 4 same as you did. However, I don’t see Berryz Koubou the same way you do – they actually took 2nd place on my list.

    I’m also not quite as hyped about S/mileage yet. Yeah, I bought the first 3 singles and will continue to support them because I see a lot of potential but they haven’t sold me enough yet to rank the group (or any of the individual girls) as high as you did – they took 5th. Unfortunately, that put Mano Erina in 6th, which I feel bad about because I like her and see a hell of a lot of potential there as well.

    Btw, I’ve tried 5 times to take a smile picture to send in and I was too embarrassed by how bad they were. Is the smile challenge done yet?

  3. Lionmaster – Thanks. Yeah I wasn’t sure whether I should go on whole careers or just recently but then I thought I’d go on recent times to give the newer members a chance. Even then though you can’t wipe out the past and the accumulated knowledge of a members personality will always play a part. It works both ways though. Going on the whole history of a member I’d probably have placed Chisato lower but really here and now she’s in the right place based on my current feelings. For groups it’s much easier going on just the last year.

    Clocutron – The different opinions is what makes it fun and exciting. I feel bad for Mano too as I love all her singles up to Sekai Wa Summer Party. Sadly after that I’ve found her stuff a bit more typical H!P. It was her different style I liked.

    S/mileage have to wait until early April to find out if they managed to raise enough smiles. The deadline has already passed for submitting a picture. I think the results are being announced live at some joint Mano & S/mileage concert.

    Kishiko – G4…aren’t they some operatic group? Or alternatively a prison security firm? 😛

    I think either is probably better than the Guardians. 😀

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